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Zoya Wishes Holiday/Winter Collection 2014 Swatches and Review

Hey guys! Taking a little break from the Halloween stuff to bring you Zoya's new Holiday/Winter collection for 2014 called "Wishes"! Click Read more after the collage for my thoughts and a TON of pics! I have also included several comparison pics.

Aren't they so pretty! I'm glad I didn't have to wait long to receive these as soon as I found out about them...but I kinda have mixed feelings on all of them! This collection is made up of 3 Magical Pixiedusts and 3 crèmes, in coordinating colors. Remember the magical Pixies have more chunky holo glitter in them than the original Pixies.

Also...I swatched these in the morning because the fall sun is already behind the trees at my house by noon. The morning sun as never been kind to me in photos, so I apologize for that. But I wanted to include them so you can see the polish in the sun, not my skin, haha!

First is Prim, a "velvet blue metallic". The formula on Prim was was pretty much a one coater on me, I added a second for consistency but it was hardly needed. This is a beautiful color but a bit 80's to me :) I'm not sure how often I will wear it, but the fact that it is so opaque will work nicely for taped designs. I'm also curious how it will look matte. (In the fall winter I want to matte all the things!) There's a really nice shimmer and it's not overly frosty.



Next is Haven, described by Zoya as " true holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid".  This one is really pretty, I was expecting it to be more similar to Prim than it was! It's not quite as opaque as Prim, 2 coats is definitely needed.


This is Willa, a simple black cream. Zoya says: "full-coverage, densely pigmented onyx black cream. Originally released as 'Black Swan' during Zang Toi's NYFW SS15 show."  I was almost the most excited about this one...I don't have a black Zoya cream! I do have Raven, more on that below). This was a bit of a disappointment to me. It just kills me to say that!!!!! It's not that opaque at all, this is 2 coats, and it could have used a third. I have a couple other blacks that are amazing and I was really hoping this would be too. I definitely has a good shine, this pic does not have topcoat. I had the sads after this one :(  


Here is Willa (left) and Raven (right). You can see Raven has a slight shimmer to it, but I rarely noticed it when I use it. The formula is way better on Raven, in my humble honest opinion.

Willa v Raven
ookkkkkkkkkkk on to the Pixies! Always the most excited for these!

A few words on these: Yall, I just love these. Really. I was so hoping for darker, jewel toned Magical Pixies. HOWEVER. These do not dry down completely matte like the original Pixies and the lighter colored ones that came out earlier this year. You can see what I mean here. They dry down still jelly-like, with very little texture, much like the darker red pixies released for the fall, with the exception of Oswin. You can see my review of the Fall Red Ultra Pixies here. So that gives yall a point of reference.  I'm not really sure why they aren't drying down matte anymore, maybe the base has changed? It's not a bad difference, it's just different.

This is Imogen, a black texture with chunky holo hex glitter in a black base. This one isn't as holo as I hoped, it comes across looking more silver.


Here is a comparison of the other black textures I own. I think they are all pretty different! I don't have Zoya Dahlia, their first black Pixiedust, bc it's pretty much identical to the NOPI. I'm waiting for a good sale and I'll pick it up :)

From L:

Zoya Imogen: black chunky holo texture
Nicole by OPI A-Nise Treat: black superfine texture with silver glitter *dries matte
OPI Emotions: black totally matte no glitter texture *dries matte
OPI Stay the Night: red glitter in a black base,  matte glitter texture *dries matte

black textures

Next is Thea. oooohhhhhh I lurve this. So Gorgeous! Purple! Glitter! Sparkle! You can see how this one does not dry matte either, and I did wait a good bit to take the pics.


Here's a look at how it compares to the other purple textures I have (in this color range)

From L:

Zoya Thea: chunky purple holo texture...ish
Zoya Carter: fine pixie, light purple glitter in dark purple base *dries matte
OPI Can't Let Go: light and dark purple glitter in purple jelly base. *dries matte

purple textures
I saved the belle of the ball for last, as usual!

This is Nori.......................................dang. So Pretty. I love this so so so much. I swatched it last so I could wear it for the next few days. I'm actually testing out several different basecoats because colors like this have a high probability of cross your fingers for me! I still have it on as I type this!

My ONLY complaint about this is that I was wishing it would be a royal blue version of Cosmo and Bar. They dry so matte and dry and sugary I just love them. I kind of feel like the jelly base might be a little thicker on these. Also, this photographs a touch darker than it really is. But just barely.



Here's another comparson shot...if yall just need to see these on let me know in the comments!

From L:

OPI Get Your Number (my very first texture and one of favs STILL) : blue holo texture *dries matte
Zoya Nori: chunky blue holo
Zoya Liberty: aqua-blue texture *dries matte
Zoya Sunshine: navy blue texture (darker than it looks in picture, dangit!) *dries matte. Sunshine is one of my favs too :)

blue textures
These 2 are the most similar so I have a couple more pics. They are similar in color but the make up of them is super different.

OPI v Zoya

Zoya v OPI

Final Thoughts: I like this collection, I really do. I'm always excited for new textures and I'm glad Zoya is still making them, I hope they never stop! I wish that they dried down a little more matte, but that's my only complaint with them! My pics are Nori, Haven, and Thea!

These are available for pre order now on and are starting to pop up in some stores like Ulta! The crèmes retail for $9 and the Pixiedusts are $10.

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