Thursday, October 16, 2014

Birthday Nails with Picture Polish Frosting!

Hey Guys! I will keep this short and sweet because I feel like I've been super wordy lately! Today is my birthday! It was a no brainer what to do on my nails....this is my special Birthday polish. Frosting from Picture Polish. It was my gift to myself last year and my first PP! I remember having the intention, I'm gonna buy one of these for myself every year on my birthday. Wasn't that cute? ;) HaHa!

I wanted to change it up a little and do some colorblocking on one nail with coordinating colors to the glitters in Frosting. For the blocked nail I used all PP polishes also:

base: Beige
pink: Fairy Floss
Pink sparkles: Shocked
Purple sparkles: Shy Violet

Frosting was not so easy dealing with in such small areas but I made it work! I am super happy with them! .......Although, I kind of feel like Frosting might no be so age appropriate...what do yall think? I still love it anyway!

I was also hoping the sun would peek out for a few minutes for a decent picture but no such luck. 7th day in a row with rain/overcast/clouds/grayness here! BOO!

cloudy day :(

I probably should have reduced the white balance on this pic but I try not to edit my pictures too much, at all really. Sorry it looks a little washed out!

cloudy lighting
Here's a fun little look at the other 2 times I've ever worn Frosting! Like I said, I ordered it for my birthday last year but I didn't get here until a few days later and I put it on right away! Clearly that was before I started paying attention to nail shape! Yikes! :/ Then again I wore it in January...pretty happy with those but I was still struggling with a good way to hold these square bottles! Luckily I worked out a better way this past August. I pretty much devoted a whole day for it :)

still a work in progress!

Lastly, Look what my nail buddies did for me! I was so surprised! They all secretly conspired and did blue manis with cupcakes. They know me so well! They were probably surprised to see me not wearing blue today, haha! Please go check them out!

Danele @LowCountryLacquer and Low Country Lacquer Blog
Aly @Alygaterr
Marcella @LovePurplePolish

I just love these ladies and I'm so grateful we found eachother!! 

aren't they awesome!

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