Friday, October 10, 2014

AGGIE WEEK Day 5 featuring Picture Polish Bonkers and watermarbling!

Hey guys! Boy. Today's mani almost didn't happen! I tried like 7-8 failed attempts at this last week. Several with this polish and then with several other maroons and whites. I was so sad it wasn't working! So I shelved it for a week. Then a couple days ago, I gave it one last try. I sloppily slopped on my white base coat and gave it another whirl (which is why the cuticle area looks not so great.) I gave it another go and it turned out! Yay! Glitter and confetti for all!

This is Picture Polish Bonkers. Another one of my favorite brands and polishes. Ya'll have heard me go on about them before! When this polish came out earlier this year I just had to have it. HAD. It's completely gorgeous, 2 coats, the brush is shorter than OPI but the flat wide brush I so prefer. I wanted to feature this polish with watermarble sooo much I'm so glad it finally worked!

Scroll to the bottom for the link to the video tutorial!



CLICK HERE for the video tutorial! It's not real time but slower than the IG version! Let me know what yall think!!

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