Friday, October 17, 2014

31DC2014 Inspired by a Pattern plus Glam my Mani nail vinyl review!

Hey guys! Another review for you! I'm still trying to get caught up on reviews AND the 31 Day Challenge! I promised I would try to get through the rest by the end of October...we shall see!

These serve as my "Inspired by a Pattern" nails, click Read More to see my review of the vinyls I used and for the inspiration!

blue on blue chevron :)

Here is an awesome set of nail vinyls sent to me by Glam My Mani sent me to review! I've had these for a few weeks but I've been so swamped I'm just getting to them!

They included: straights, 2 sizes of chevrons, single chevrons, hearts, and lightning bolts!

Glam my Mani vinyls set

I chose the skinny chevrons to start with! This is the pattern I chose to recreate on my nails. I got this tin at a boutique cookie shop in Savannah, Georgia (one of my favorite places!) We were there last summer and I picked one up because of the awesome pattern on it and used it in last year's 31 Day challenge also! Pics at the end of this post, don't laugh ;)

So when we went through Byrd's Cookies again this summer, I went straight to the tins to see if they had more! They still had the one I got last year and a few new ones, like this one! I mean, it practically had my name written ALLLL over it. (heart eyes!)

tin from Byrd's Cookies

top of tin

To start, I pulled off some vinyls, separated them, and stuck them to the edge of my desk, as I do. They kind of stick together so you definitely want to do this ahead of time.

work ahead
The polishes I used are all OPI: base is My Boyfriend Scales Walls, the lighter blue is Can't Find My Czechbook, and the darker is I Saw, U Saw, We Saw, Warsaw.

Here is a little video of the process! I top my base color with fast drying topcoat and wait one hour. Some people wait less time but that is what works for me.

Here we go! I just love them so much. I was so sad to take them off. I think I will be doing these again soon! Super happy with them! These vinyls worked great and I will be using more in an upcoming post! :)

I match! Heart eyes!

indirect sun

indirect sun
Here is the tin I bought and used last year. It currently holds cotton balls on my desk, haha. I still love it so much!

tin from last year

Here is the mani I did last year. The Byrd's people saw it on IG and loved it! I just did a simple free hand version of the print because I'm not stilled enough to do the full arrows. I should try it again! I need practice with fine detailing.

If you are in Savannah you have to check them out! The store is so cute and the cookies are awesome (of course) and they have tons of cute little tins and canisters like this! I can't wait to get more! Hopefully I can convince the Mr. to go there again next year ;)

last year's pic

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