Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pipedream Polish watermarble plus video!

Hey guys! Here is my first all-nail watermarble with the Pipe Dream neons. Every one is going crazy for these polishes and so am I! haha!

For this look I used 3: All In (blue), Happy Hour (teal, bottle pictured) and VIP Pass (purple)
I got a huge air bubble that led to a white spot on my middle finger, which I filled in with a dot but I don't think it looked any better or worse :/


Indirect sunlight

I just love them so much ;)

Since I have the new phone I've been dabbling a little in video tutorials. Dabbling only! They take a lot of extra time so I'm not sure how many I'll be able to do but they sure are fun! I could watch watermarble videos all day!

This is super fast sped up because Instagram only allows 15 seconds of video. Most of my videos will be like this at first, I surely don't have time to make 2 versions!

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