Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rapunzel-Inspired nails using Zoya Mattes, plus a taped tutorial

Hey guys! (I start every blog like that, don't I?) Today I have something a little different. When I swatched the new, re-released Zoya Matte Velvet collection, which you can see here! I was completely amazed at how fast they dried. Like, amazed.  For some it can be an issue because if you go over the same spot twice it can cause the polish to drag a little, but if you work quick enough you won't have that problem. Shortly after I swatched them and then wore Harlow for the rest of the week (for a wear test, post on that coming soon!) I had an idea. What if I could film a real-time video showing how fast they dry and how quickly you can tape over them to create a cute design? Thus my Rapunzel inspired mani was born!


A few more things about this since I don't talk in my videos....yet. :)

-I started my stopwatch at the beginning, with bare nails. I did not stop it until I was done.

-I only did 4 nails for this tutorial. My total time was 18 minutes. I think if you did all 10 of your nails you could easily do it in 20 minutes.

-I waited 3 MINUTES after the 2nd coat to apply the striping tape. 3 minutes! Lay the tape down, paint over, and remove immediately. Do one nail at a time.

-I filmed this in real time. You can even see me fumbling with my running watch to try to prop it during the 3 minutes so I wouldn't have to hold it, haha! It is sped up slightly so that no one has to watch an 18 min long video, but I didn't remove any content.

-Some of the taping, especially the cross hatched nail, occurred off camera because I can not fit both my hands under my phone to film the way I apply tape until I get a tripod! BUT I did not stop the timer!!


I added some China Glaze Fairy Dust to it but didn't wind up liking it like I thought.

Obligatory blurry shot to show sparkles :)

Here is a still shot that is inserted into the video, Just to show how I cut multiple pieces of striping tape at a time. Pull them out together and cut with scissors.

Always, always, ALWAYS separate and place your tape pieces with in reach before you start. ALWAYS!

(Hi, foot.)


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