Friday, March 31, 2017

Zoya Charming collection for Spring 2017

Hello! Long time no see! I have had a lot going on since my last blog. My sincere apologies to Zoya for taking longer than usual to get this blog published. I was going to do a little life update but y'all don't care about that, that's what Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter is for ;) let's get to these polishes! Which one do you think I chose to swatch last and wear for the weekend??

Tina is a medium grape purple cream, almost one coat for me! I went ahead and did two though. All swatches here are shown with topcoat. 


Jordan is a bubble gum pink cream, really screams Barbie, doesn't it? It was a little streaky on the first coat but then WAY better on the 2nd :) This is a great shade for toes in the summer!


Abby is a light dusty purple cream.  This one won the "swatch last" contest! Are y'all suprised?? I'm really trying hard to not always pick the was super hard this time. I don't wear purple a ton but in the spring I really gravitate toward this shade of purple particularly.  This is 2 perfect coats. 


Millie is the first of the shimmers....a blue toned purple with a super strong shimmer. The formula is great, 2 coats.  90's me loves this shade!


Lacey is the surprise of the group for me. I wasn't sure what to expect really, it sort of looked like it would be a top coat. It turned out to be completely opaque in 2 coats! This is such a mermaid-y shade, it really looks like a fish tail! Anyone who dresses up as Ariel for Halloween needs this one before it's gone!


Amira....dang y'all. What a stunner. If you are a sucker for Cinderella blues you need this one. This is like Sinful Colors Cinderella but with an infinitely better formula, shade, etc. It's seriously perfect. This is now my go to Cinderella shade and I'm so glad she's in my life *heart eyes* This is 2 coats!


Zoya is also expanding their lipstick shades and Violette is new for Spring! I have been loving the creams (like Paisley). I'm still trying to get on the matte lip trend but Violette is a cream so yay for me!


The Zoya Charming collection is available now on, check their social media sites often because they are ALWAYS having sales and specials, with free shipping!


  1. I love this Zoya's spring nail paint collection. All the colours are funky with some awesome look. I am assuming how good it will look on my nails ;)

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