Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disney Cruise Nails 2017

Hello fellow land dwelling friends! We are back from our vacation where we went on another Disney Cruise! We have done a few now and they have been the best trips our family has ever been on. This was our first voyage on one of the classic ships. Can not recommend enough! This was the longest cruise we have done, and I took the most footage ever. It will take me a little bit to sort through it all! I plan on several blog posts and a video. I can't decide whether to divide it up by day or category (food, entertainment, ports, etc) so I'm open to any and all suggestions!

I'm starting today with the mani I created and wore the whole time! I was really indecisive about what to do, and therefore waited until the last minute to do these nails and was up entirely too late the night before we left! Once I finally decided on a color palette this is what followed, 2 hours later!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lush Father Christmas bath bomb

Hello! Like I said before, even though it's after Christmas I still have plenty of holiday things to post. After this one I have maybeeeee 3 or 4 more Lush Holiday items to post about (some I haven't even used yet! For shame!) so those will be coming soon. I'm going to try to get them up by the end of January.

Today I have the Father Christmas bath bomb. It's pretty cute...can you get any more Christmassy???

The base pink I used was Zoya Kitridge. I really struggled with coordinating nail art for this little guy! I don't have any stamping plates that have any Santas on them, so I went with the next best thing. I chose a Christmassy sweater print from the Moyou Festive collection 06 plate. However, I had just filed my nails way down and even though these images are teeny tiny,  I still couldn't fit it on my nail! I even tried using tape to take off and add partial images, and it was just an overall fail. Talk about frustrating! I gave up and repainted my nails with the solid color and moved on :(

Moyou Festive collection 06 

I did capture one image of the fail just so y'all can see how bad I am at stamping and not laugh at when I get excited about doing a good job once in a while!

On to the bath bomb....Father Christmas shares a scent with the "Snow Fairy" family, which I am not familiar with at all. It does have a really sweet, candy like strawberry scent. Which is fine for me once in a while, but not on the regular. I have really gotten away from that sort of scent. I'm glad I bought this one but I'm not sure it will be a repurchase for me next year!

 It was really quite beautiful...the pale pink exterior revealed a vibrant green inside.

I apologize for the dimness of the photos, the lighting in my bathroom is terrible! I'm not sure if using my flash will help but I'm going to work on it.

Check out the little video of Father Christmas in Action, and please subscribe to my channel to see more!

The water was an excellent shade of green and did not stain my tub, which was a huge plus!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails

Hello! I know it's after Christmas but I still have holiday things to post :) Today I have a mani I did well before Christmas but never got to write about it and post it. I got the idea to do different holiday themes of my most popular mani ever, my Mickey nails! You can see the original post HERE from 2014  way back from 3 years ago! (don't laugh at them) And then my Thanksgiving 2016 version here. Today I have the Christmas version!

Christmas Mickey and Minnie nails

The polishes I used are:

Lighter shimmery red: OPI Innie Minnie Mighty Bow
Green: OPI Jade is the New Black
Darker red glitter jelly: OPI Underneath the Mistletoe
OPI Black Onyx  (black) and OPI Alpine Snow  (white under the buttons)
Red Texture: OPI Magazine Cover Mouse (which is one of my fav textures and I use all the time!)

The Minnie themed polishes are from the OPI Minnie Couture collection that came out a few years ago, I only have a few from that collection and a set of mini's. I wish I had them all!

What is the next holiday coming up...Valentine's Day? I need to start working on that design!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Transitional Collection Swatches and Review

Hello and Happy New Year!  I wound up taking a little time off blogging over the I usually do when my kids are off school although I never really plan on it! It's just hard to do when they are buzzing around. I have lots of stuff planned for 2017, hopefully I will get to it all! 

Today I have the new "transitional" collection that Zoya has traditionally been putting out for the last few years. They are usually fairly neutral colors designed to take you from winter in to spring. And Some of my favorite Zoyas ever have been from these collections!