Monday, October 24, 2016

Annual Birthday Nails with Picture Polish Frosting

Hey guys! Today I have a little more info on the  nails I wore last weekend on my birthday! I have a little tradition of always wearing Picture Polish Frosting (now discontinued) on my birthday. Four years ago, I ordered it for myself as a birthday present and it was my first Picture Polish. Since then I always wear it, while still trying to change it up a little every year! I also juuuuuuust started stamping, like for real like 5 minutes ago. I ordered myself a few quality plates (*key*) and a clear stamper and just jumped right in with the big kids. So far, it's going really well!

I wore Frosting on my 2nd and 3rd finger as a base, and Cherish (also PP) on the rest. Then I stamped with New York (the lighter pink) and Bonkers (maroon) using the Pueen Nature Lover 01 plate. I found it not super complicated!

Here's a look at my past years manicures!

 In 2013, I wore just Frosting. Baby newbie nails! I wasn't posting nails yet on my blog yet :)

In 2014, I used striping tape and color blocked with Shocked and Shy Violet. 2014 Blog here!

In 2015, I opted for a mix and match with Bonkers and OPI It's Frosty Outside! 2015 Blog here!

I wonder what I will do next year?! I'm open to suggestions!! Does anyone else have a polish they save for special occasions and wear regularly on them??

Friday, October 21, 2016

Lush Halloween collection 2016: Boo bath melt plus matching nails

Hello! Boo! haha. Today I have the Boo bath melt from Lush. This was my first time using a bath  melt! I read mixed reviews on them because while they moisturize your skin, they can make your tub a slippery "death trap" one person said. That made me laugh! I'm clumsy enough as it so I don't need any help in that department. So this Boo melt is my guinea pig and will help me decide if I ever buy any again!

Obviously I knew this would be cute for matching nail art! I used ole' reliable OPI Black Onyx and Alpine Snow. The glitter is International Crime Caper, which showed up fairly well over the black!
I used a dotting tool and wobbled it around for the Boo! (which isn't hard for my shaky hands)

This was also super hard to hold while taking pictures outside, it was warm this day! I felt like it was melting in my hands and getting harder and harder to hold with every second. Note to self, put the next one in the freezer first!

In the video there's a clip of how I cut it up, I think it is intended to be used all at once, but I wasn't taking any chances. I cut it into 4 parts and just used that little bit. I did use a bubble bar also (the Green macaroon, coming soon here!) The Boo is supposed to create some bubbles on its own, but since I used the Green bubbleroon first it's hard to tell which bubbles came from which. I just hold the cut piece of the melt in my hand and make a loose fist, then let the water run through my hands until it's mostly dissolved.

As for the scent, I feel like it didn't really smell like anything. Cocoa Butter is a fairly neutral smell when it doesn't have any perfumes added to it. It does have some other oils in it but none stood out to me. This won't clash with any other bath products!

Check out the little video for a little cutting action! Poor little guy!

ALSO.... my fellow nailie friend Colleen and I thought it would be fun to do a matching mani to some of our new Lush goodies! I haven't done a matching mani with someone in forever! It was fun!

In conclusion, I was pretty impressed with my little bath melt. It did help my skin stay soft and moisturized after the bath (well, the Green bubbleroon has a little bit of cocoa butter in the middle so that probably didn't hurt either). I didn't put lotion on afterwards and my skin never felt dried out. I think I might use this type of thing as a nail/hand soak during the winter! The skin around my nails is already getting super dry no matter what I do. Its just part of life here in the TN winters. Bleh!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lush Halloween Collection 2016: Monsters' Ball bath bomb review and matching mani!

Hey guys! Today I have another member of the Lush Halloween 2016 collection for you, Monsters' Ball bath bomb. I ordered this primarily because I knew it had so much nail art potential!! I mean, how cute is it! It reminds me of Sully from Monster's Inc. :)

On my nails, I chose OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and Can't Find My Czechbook to coordinate. I also used Black Onyx and Alpine snow for the dots and eyes, and the glitter is Muppets World Tour. I'm really absolutely terrible at free hand nail art, but I was pretty happy with how these turned out!

This bath bomb is part of the Calacas scent family, if you speak "Lush" (which I don't, but I'm working on it!) The main ingredients are Lime oil and Cocoa butter. Which you would think would make it smell more citrusy but to me it didn't. It does however smell really good. Its my favorite of the Halloween collection so far. I can't quite put my finger on what the scent reminds me of.

The "eye" of the monster is the cocoa butter, having a sort of integrated bath melt effect. It stayed intact during the whole process and didn't start melting until halfway through my bath!

Monsters' Ball spun and swirled around a ton, it reminded me a lot of the Twilight bath bomb, releasing lots of blue and pink. It was fun to watch!

It split open rather abruptly after about 2 minutes, into 2 halves and the "eye" off by itself.

Here's the eye starting to dissolve and do its thing. You can see the oil rings floating on top of the water. I did find this bath bomb to be more moisturizing than any I've used so far, I purposely didn't lotion myself up afterward (which I normally never skip) just to see if my skin dried out like it normally does. And it didn't, so yay!

Here's a quick video of Monsters' Ball in action, I did edit it a bit because it took so long to dissolve! It didn't sink either like the Pumpkin bath bomb did.

The water was a gorgeous dark periwinkle color, similar to Twilight but darker. And lots of nice foam stayed on the surface also. I did have a small  amount of staining from the purple bits around the edge, combined with the oil they really stuck on like glue. I have been able to get most of it off so far but not all of it yet.

 Over all,  I did really like this bath bomb. Did it oust Avobath from the number one spot? No. Would I buy it again? Yes. Will I buy a ton to stock up on a years worth of product until next year, if it comes out next year? No, probably not. But if a Lush giftcard fell in my lap in the next few weeks yeah, I'd get some more because it's just so CUTE!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Shea Moisture Rose Lotion, Shower Creme and Mud Mask Review

Hello! Today I have a review of some products I purchased at Target a few weeks ago. Shea Moisture is a brand that's been around a little while, my only experience with them is some samples I've gotten in online orders from Ulta, which I haven't even really used! When I heard they came out with a Rose line I definitely started keeping my eyes open. Low and behold, I saw these products at Target! I believe there's a shampoo and conditioner as well but I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

I picked up the Sensitive Skin Crème Body Wash and Sensitive Skin Crème Body Lotion. They also have a mud mask that was in a tub, but it wasn't sealed and looked a little questionable, so I opted for the sealed trial size instead, more below on that. The body wash and lotion weren't sealed either, I don't know if they are supposed to be, but somehow that didn't bother me as much.

On initial smell in the store--these smelled amazing! Very strong rose scent, just brushing on the "grandma" rose toilet spray line but not going over it. I liked it a lot.

I've used both of these several times and I have to say, I'm a little on the fence still. I used the lotion the day I bought it, and it smelled the same in the store and the scent stayed on my skin for a long time. Since then, I feel like the scent has changed a little bit. Its hard to describe, but it doesn't smell the same and it's not that great. Musky is the only way I can describe it. I'm going to keep trying it but I'm not optimistic. I decided not to return it though.

The body wash is what it says it is...a creme body wash. My experience was that it felt like I was washing my body with lotion. There was absolutely no sudsing at all, unlike several of my other "creamy" body washes. Maybe I don't have any other product that is a "creme body wash"? I don't know, it was not a win for me. I will try it again a few times. It too doesn't smell as good as it did in the store, but hasn't changed as much as the lotion. 

On my nails for this review is Picture Polish New York, a really pretty raspberry crème polish with a strong scattered holo  effect. I just love it! It was the closest I had to matching the colors. I dont' have any stamping items (yet) so I couldn't match the pattern but that will be remedied shortly ;)

The winner in the bunch is this little packet I bought of the mud face mask. I opted for this because it was cheaper and sealed.

This is about how much you get in the packet. Dang, yall, it smells good! Very rose-y. If you don't like rose scented things, then don't even bother with this.

What I do with masks that come in packets like this is empty them into a little plastic container. You could use an old moisturizer container also. This is a little salad dressing or condiment container from Sistema that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. It comes in a pack of 4 and they are quite useful around the house!

This is how much you get in the packet. I have used this twice now and easily have enough for 2 more applications. Excuse my messy sink! I have recently started using a brush to apply mud masks on the recommendation from Nicole (Young, Wild and Polished) and it works pretty well. I use a small flat paddle shape foundation brush that came in a Real Techniques set that's too small for anything else.

I have used this mask twice and loved it both times! One thing weird about it, it almost dries clear! Most mud masks just get lighter but this one just kind of disappears when it's dry. So strange! I will probably repurchase this mask when I run out, but only if I can find one sealed or I'll just order it online!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lush Halloween collection 2016: Pumpkin bath bomb plus coordinating mani with Zoya!

Hey guys! Today I have the Pumpkin bath bomb from Lush! This is part of the limited edition Halloween range, and I have several of them coming up here in the next couple weeks for you!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lush Big Blue bath bomb

Hey guys! Unofficial Lush week continues here:) I don't have any new polish swatches because I've been so busy around the house and my skin on my hands is so dry, despite my best moisturizing and oiling efforts :(

Today I have another new-to-me bath bomb from Lush, part of my initial order I made from the UK a while ago. This is Big Blue, and it has actual seaweed in it!! Along with sea salt, Lemon oil (yay) and Lavender oil this one was a no brainer for me to try!

Turns out, I don't have a blue polish that exactly matched it! WHAT! I know, I'm surprised too. The closest I could come is my beloved OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. I believe this polish is in the core collection of OPI now, its a must have for everyone!

Here's a quick little video of Big Blue in action, I sped it up a little because its such a slow fizzer :) It swirls around kicking out little bits of seaweed. It's fun to watch!

Look. At. This. Water. I mean, could that get any more amazing?? The first time I use a new bath bomb I don't use any bubbles because  I want to see what happens to the water. I am seriously in love with this! It did leave strips of seaweed in the tub, some did go down the drain but I think that's ok. I  let the water drain out and then scooped out the rest. I didn't take a picture of that because it was kind of gross haha. There  wasn't any staining either.

This is a definite repurchase for me, and it's really high on the list!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lush Grass bubble bar plus matching nail art featuring Zoya!

Hello! Life sure got busy last week-I decided to do a bunch of batch/bulk cooking so I was in the kitchen all day every day. I have a lot of blogs to catch up on! This bubble bar from Lush is called "Grass". I bought this from the Lush UK website online and since I don't go into the stores that often I'm not sure if you can buy it here in the US or not. It doesn't show up on the Lush USA app. The reason I bought it is because of my love for the Avobath bath bath bomb and new found love of all things grassy and forest scented (excluding the Tramp scent, ew) This was definitely a gamble purchasing this before I smelled it but it was so cute and I knew I could do matching nail art so I took a risk!

Searching for a matching green with subtle shimmer in my drawers I landed on Zoya Meg. I think it matched pretty nicely! And it's my kitty's name :) I made the flowers with Zoya Purity and Wendy. I'm very artistically challenged and even with using just a dotting tool they weren't easy to make!

Zoya Meg

I have been finding that cutting up the Lush bubble bars into 3 or 4 chunks makes plenty enough bubbles for me. I have been using a knife to try to preserve the integrity of the bubble bar....I want it to stay together as  much as possible and crumbling part of it doesn't exactly do that.

Ok....on to the scent. It smells GOOD! I don't think the smell would be for everyone, but if you remember the days when Yankee Candles were *all that* and there was one called "Fresh Cut Grass" or something to that extent...I had one in my apartment in college and loved it. It was great for summer and wasn't perfumy or frostingy or laundry-y like all my other ones. And it DID smell like fresh cut grass!  This bubble bar smells a lot like that. Its very "natural". Officially the main scents in it are Bergamot and Sandalwood oil. It has Limonene in it so that's a plus for me too.

I just cut off about a third of it and held it under the water. It made a crazy amount of bubbles right away and turned the water a nice shade of light green. The flower (which reminds me of gum paste flowers back in my cake making days) did dissolve. And *obviously* I chose to cut it into 3 equalish parts so each part could have a flower :)

Look at the crazy tower of bubbles!

Overall this is a definite repurchase for me! It's so cute and I love the natural grassy scent!