Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 PixieDust Swatches and Review!

Hey Guys! Things have been crazy for the past week since school has been out. I don't know how I'm going to keep up blogging during the summer but I'm sure gonna try! I've had these for a week and and am just now getting to swatch them and get them up here!

Today I have the newest of the Zoya PixieDusts! They are continuing with the "Magical Pixie" formula that debuted earlier this year. I picked those up during the Zoya Earth Day Sale so I would have them to compare with these! :) I haven't swatched them officially here but I have used them in a few tape mani's! (you can see them here with Lux and here with Vega)  I did include them in the bottle shots at the end for comparison!

The formulas on these are very consistent. There are larger chunks and fine pieces of the pixie dust in tinted jelly bases. They are definitely "chunkier" than the original Pixie Dusts, and really sparkly.
For me they have more the consistency of a glitter topper on the first coat, except it dries matte (and quickly) You really need that second coat.

First up is Bar, a nude holographic glitter textured polish. This is 2 coats. Goes on easily, but I do have to place it a little with the brush for even coverage. I really love this one, more than I thought I would. It looks like sand!



Next is Ginni, a medium pink glittered texture. Same as before, 2 coats.


Last is Arlo, a purple glittered holographic texture. This is the first one I put on when I got the box! (if you follow me on Instagram you already heard me oogling over it). This is definitely my favorite! 2 coats.



Here are all 6 (so far) of the Magical Pixies. Bar, Ginni, and Arlo are the new ones, and Cosmo, Lux, and Vega are the ones from spring.

Final Thoughts:

I love any and all textured polish, yall know that! I still prefer the finer, sugary texture of the original Pixies, and I know a lot of people do, so I'm not sure if Zoya is going back to them ever or not! I think these have a great place for use in nail art and tape manis, but to wear them as a full mani (as I have already) makes for no-picnic removal! I mean, it's not terrible, better than regular glitter I think.
For removal, I place a 1/2 cotton ball soaked in acetone and hold it on the nail for 30 seconds, use firm pressure to wipe it off, and most of it comes off. You don't have to break out the foil! (I don't usually do that anyway-not enough patience).

My favorites are Arlo and Bar!

Zoya Magical PixieDusts can be purchased at and anywhere Zoya is sold this month!

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