Friday, July 1, 2016

Zoya Sunsets collection for Summer 2016

Hey guys! Long time no blog! Since its been a while I thought I'd throw in a little life update :) My 3 boys are out for summer-they got out the 2nd week of May! We have just been hanging out and going to the pool as much as humanly possible. We miss the sun so much in the long winters here! They also make it very difficult for me to get nail stuff done during the day. I don't tend to polish at night like a lot of bloggers, my husband travels so much lately so when he is home I just want to hang with him! And when he's gone I'm pooped from single-parenting it! I also missed my blogging anniversary (6 years!) Ah well, I've been dying to get to these Zoyas so let's go!

This is half of the Zoya summer collection for 2016, called "Sunsets". I'll have the second half coming up in a couple days! Zoya touts them as one-coat-wonders....that usually makes me nervous about staining and yet excited at the same time! 

First up is Dixie- a really pretty watermelon/strawberry red and great for summer! The formula is really creamy and opaque but I needed 2 coats to be satisfied, even on my short nails. (All swatches are shown with topcoat as well). 


Brynn is a pink creme-a standard in any collection. Formula amazing also, still needed 2 coats for me. 


Cam is a bright pumpkin Orange creme. If you like orange it's for you! The formula on Cam was a bit runnier than the first 2, I stopped at 2 coats but it could have done with another. Usually topcoat helps smooth out minor streakiness. It looked more streaky in person. 


Ness is a bright grassy green cream, I never tire of this shade! Ness was VERY opaque, the most of all of them......I barely needed a second coat but I went ahead anyway. I used a peel of base coat when I swatched these so I didn't have any staining BUT use caution when you use really opaque greens and blues, the potential is always there!


Dory is a periwinkle blue cream, no doubt named for the Finding Dory movie (which if you haven't seen GO do it now! I haven't seen a movie with that much heart in a LONG time. Go see it!) This is 2 coats and I love it obviously the end. 


Liv is a grape purple creme. The formula was great, this is 2 coats.


All in all this is a great collection with staple colors for summer! I didn't find them to be one coaters but I have read about bloggers who do, so I guess it depends on the way you polish! ;)  These available now at Ulta and for $10!

Zoya Seashells collection for Summer 2016

Hello! Today I have the *new* Pixie Dusts from Zoya, part of their summer collection called Seashells! First, how awesome of a name is that? And second, holy crap! Just when Zoya decides to discontinue all the old pixies and we are mourning and ordering as fast as we can, they surprise us with new ones!  They are similar to some of the older pixies, and while I haven't done comparisons on the nail yet I DID do them in my notebook! None of them are dupes, but some of them are similar to other textured polishes I have so I will let you know when those come up!

Linds is a bright cherry red texture with gold micro glitters. Right away the gold was so strong it reminded me of OPI Magazine Cover Mouse. MMM is much darker but they are definitely related! Zoya Chyna is much more darker red with no gold shimmer. Linds took 2 coats to be perfect! 


Zooey is a Barbie pink texture with a strong gold shimmer! It immediately reminded me of Zoya Harper from a few summers ago. This is her texture twin! 
2 coats!


Levi is a white gold texture and I'm in LOVE! More gold than Cosmo, a little more peach than Tomoko, very similar to Godiva and Bar! Levi is a combination of all of those-what's not to like?? 2 coats. 


Cece is a grassy green texture and totally unique in my collection! I compared it to  texture from Sinful Colors, Zoya Stassi, Vespa and Chita. All different! This is 2 coats. 


Bay is an ocean blue texture and the one we've all been waiting for. Heart eyes! This one took 3 coats and was a little more sheer. I compared it to Liberty, Sunshine, Nori and an OPI texture and it's totally unique :)


Tilly is a silver an purple texture-totally unique also! A little more sheer, Tilly also took 3 coats. 


What do y'all think of these?? I know a lot of us are super excited for new pixies! These are available now at Ulta and for $10.