Thursday, October 9, 2014

AGGIE WEEK Day 4, featuring OPI Scores a Goal! and chevrons with bonus tutorial!

Hey guys! Today's maroon is OPI Scores  a Goal! from this past spring's Brazil Collection (which I'm still madly in love with. The whole thing was just perfection. This polish is a bit darker, kind of a raisiny maroon with out being too vampy. The formula sets is apart because like all the other polishes in that collection, is just amazing. Smooth, buttery, 2 effortless coats. ahhhhhhh

indirect sun
I chose one of my favorite looks, chevron, for the accent here! As with all these looks this week, you could easily do these on all your nails, but I wanted to showcase the maroon polishes so I only did one! And guess what, I have a bonus tutorial for you! There are lots of ways to achieve the chevron look. The most simple is free handing with a thin or striper brush, but ummmmm I'm pretty terrible at that so I don't do it. Ever. When I starting doing chevrons, this is how I did them-I made them my self! There's lots of other options out there, including "nail vinyls" that you can order online. They are basically pre-cut strips in various pattens and you just place them on your nail. I think they all work great, its whatever works best for you! BUT you  might already have some of these supplies laying around your house, so they're a good place to start!

I used these craft scissors. They came in a set from a craft store--I think they all pretty much have them! I also used blue painters tape, but you can always also use scotch tape, regular masking tape, or electrical type tape. Try lots of things to see what works for you!

chevron craft scissors

First here is a quick video to show one way to make your own chevron stencils.

And here is how I used those to make this particular chevron accent nail!

CLICK HERE FOR CHEVRON TUTORIAL :) still having a few issues uploading but that's a link!

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  1. What is the tool that you're using to put the nail Polish on so professionally?


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