Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun Nail art Roundup!

Hey guys! Just like I did with the Island Fun collection, I wanted to post a quick little round up of the nail art looks I did with the Paradise Sun collection with all the names of the polishes I used (all Zoya haha!)

If you missed my review of the Paradise Sun collection you can see it

And be sure to follow me on Instagram @aggiesdoitbetter for video tutorials for all these looks!

This is Genesis "blobbed" with the rest of the collection! It took me foreverrrrrrrr to get the hang of this technique and now I'm a little obsessed.

Zoya Genesis

This is Mae with a gold accent of Tomoko and chevrons on Purity with Tomoko and Mae. I friggen love pink and gold together!

Zoya Mae

Since Aphrodite is the goddess of Love I thought I'd use my little Fingrs decals (purchased at walmart) for a cute love themed mani!

Zoya Aprhodite

Oceane means cute little starfish with Destiny (my last untried Pixiedust) and dots of Taylor

Zoya Oceane

I used half circle/moon vinyls to create this look with Zoya Ryan-which is super opaque and quite handy for something simple!

Zoya Selene

It's been a while since I've colorblocked! The base is Julie, and the blocks are Stevie (texture), Purity (white), Isa, and Savita (matte)

Zoya Isa

Friday, May 22, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun collection for Summer 2015: Swatches and Review

Hey guys! Today I have the second half of Zoya's Summer collection! If you missed the first half--the crèmes--you can see them HERE :)

This collection consists of shimmers, and most of them are siblings to the crème versions in the Island Fun set! I'm usually a person who will pick a crème over a shimmer any day of the week, but I actually like these more! WHAT! That's a first for me. These polishes-especially a few in particular-literally feel like they glow on the nail. Maybe I will be a shimmer convert after this! Lets get into it!

Zoya Paradise Sun 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Zoya Island Fun Nail Art Round Up!

Hey guys! I just wanted to post here a  little round up of all the nail art I did to show off the Island Fun collection from Zoya, for Summer 2015! Be sure to check out my Instagram profile @aggiesdoitbetter for quick videos of the process!

If you missed my review of this collection you can check it out HERE!

I used all Zoya polishes (some pr samples, some bought by me) for these looks!

Jace with chevron accent of Jace, Purity and Nana

Zoya Jace

Cecilia with watermarble of Cecilia, Talia, Taylor, and Purity

Zoya Cecilia

Talia with dots of Lillian

Zoya Talia

Demetria with decals from Fingrs (purchased at Walmart)

Zoya Demetria

Nana with zebra stripes of Cassedy and a Winstonia striping brush

Zoya Nana

Serentity with blobs of Isa

Zoya Serenity

Friday, May 15, 2015

Zoya Island Fun for Summer 2015 swatches and review!

Hey guys! Today I have the first half of Zoya's summer collection, called "Island Fun"! This is a good collection of crèmes with some staple colors, and I am loving the tropical names of the collections :) But the polishes themselves don't have tropical names, bummer haha. I didn't include comparisons this time, but if any of you want to see them, be sure to let me know in the comments! Click Read More after the collage for the review!

Island Fun collection 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stamping with Picture Polish Sea Jewel and Ocean

Hey guys! I have another stamping post today! I actually did this before the OPI post that was right before this. I had a major fail which I have a pic of at the I would up just doing a simple stamp...sort of!
I also used Picture Polish Sea Jewel and Bright White...the last 2 of my untried PP's...which is a good thing because I just ordered more (monkey covering eyes emoji, haha!)

Add caption
I don't have a macro lense but this is just a zoomed in and cropped pic so you can see the two colors. I just swiped 2 diff colors on the plate (BP13) and then scraped. It's supposed to make a gradient like look but I'm pretty terrible at it! I didn't think it looked half bad. You can really see the difference in the polishes though...Picture Polish Ocean is a jelly like polish with holo flakie glitters in it and Sea Jewel is a straight up glitter.


I also used Picture Polish Revolution glitter base under it to see if it really worked to make glitter polish easier to get off. I think it did, but I need to try again to be sure!
I included some extra pics of different lighting so I can continue to compare for my self :)

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This was my fail...trying to make a decal. I wanted the circles to be gold but the gold polish I chose wasn't opaque enough and I didn't have the patience to try it again.

Add caption
I thought it looked terrible so I didn't use it :/

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reverse stamping with OPI Mustangs and Born Pretty Plates

Hey guys! Today I have another mani I did forever ago (it seems, really only about a week and a half). Things get super busy here from time to time and blogging gets tossed in the back seat! I'm still trying to get stuff put away in our new place (NOT including the crap that gets thrown in closets to sort "later") and getting ready for some company coming in a couple weeks! ACK! This post has actually taken me 3 "computer sessions" to write because I keep having other computery stuff to do :)

Anyway, the mood struck me when I unpacked my stamping stuff....which consists of 2 plates and a stamper :) Only one of the plates am I able to get consistent images off of, its BP13 sent to me from Born Pretty Store a while back. Stamping with a single color on a single background kind of bores me, so this is my preferred method, even though its super hard and time consuming! I think it's called "reverse" stamping.

I was super happy with the way this came out! Its a good thing to, because later that day I totally smashed my thumb with a hammer. RIP left thumbnail, you've had a good run :( I couldn't even take this off when it NEEDED to come off because my thumb hurt so bad.

Here's the color palate for this mani. Do you guys like seeing bottle shots like this? I can label them too in the future, if I think of it. Sometimes you can't see all the colors when you only use a little of one color.

I used all OPI:
shimmery blue: The Sky's the Limit
glitter: (I chose the color pallet from the colors in this glitter)
pink: Girls Love Ponies
white: Alpine Snow
teal: Taylor Blue
purple: Funky Dunky

I didn't take pics of the process or film. I'm not even trying to imply I'm good enough at this to make a tutorial OR keep stopping to take pics! I did snap this one though, after I got done filling in the spaces. I used OPI Black Onyx to pick up the image in black and fill in from there. When I was done I bushed on a good layer of Seche Vite and when that was dry I peeled if off and applied it to my nail (over a white base) like a decal.

I also used 4 (of 6) untried (well, a couple are tried but un-blogged) polishes! yay!