Monday, October 6, 2014

Little Big Town Event from October with Zoya Vega and Cosmo!

Hey guys! These were my nails I wore for a super awesome Little Big Town event I got to go to with my husband back in October! I've had this post in the drafts for a while, I keep forgetting to post it and I really wanted to share the pics!

My nails were simple...Zoya Vega (blue) and Cosmo (gold) both Magical Pixie Dusts, the earlier formulas that actually dry matte and super sparkly. Oh how I wish the darker blue one that just came out was like Vega! Ah well.

So we were invited to a private event to hear Little Big Town perform their entire new album live! I don't love many of the newer country artists lately but I LOVE LBT. And this was amazing and so fun!!!

They had a signature drink for the evening in addition to other drinks, called the "Painkiller" like the album. I don't remember what all was in it but it had pineapple juice in it and rum? It tasted like a mai tai to me and I was A-OK with that ;)

The venue it was at is called War Memorial, was really beautiful!

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