Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pink Dry Brush mani!

Hey guys! I finally got a pink mani in for October! This is a super simple dry brush, one of my fav methods to do on all fingers because it's so fast and easy! Usually if I have some sort of taped design on my left hand my right hand is almost always plain. But this I am wearing for the weekend on all 10 nails! Whaaaaatttt!!!

I apologize for the weird lighting, in the afternoons here the sun is already behind the trees so I'm trying to figure out a good spot to take my pics outside. There is only direct sun in the am here anymore, and I don't have time to do nails in the mornings mostly!

The polishes I used are all Zoya:
from left,
base: Rooney
lighter pink: Kitridge
white: Purity
pink gitter: Harper

polished used

Here is little video of how you do this! I've done a pictorial of this  before but never a video. Basically you just start with your base color, I only did one coat because it will be covered, and Rooney is opaque enough to be ok at one coat. Then you take your accent color and scrape off as much as possible off the brush and do light strokes in both directions until you get the desired look. I would recommend being a little more careful if you use a sparkly polish like I did to not get it on your skin! I had a heck of a time getting if off and still haven't gotten it all off!

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