Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Scream Nails swatches and brand review

Hey guys! Today I have a new-to-me brand to share. I Scream Nails is an Australian brand exclusive to their salons in Melbourne and Sydney. They do offer their polishes online, but they don't ship outside of Australia! (Well, they do ship PR stuff, but I'm not in on that!) I'm lucky enough to have a polish-minded mother in law who graciously agreed to go to the shop in Melbourne for me and send these over! Yippee! They do offer more colors than this, but they are pretty expensive (I think) for a smallish size so I kept my request at 6.

I Scream Nails

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What I wore November/December 2015 (nail art and swatch spam!)

Hey guys! This is a long over due post since I stopped posting a blog for every mani, only swatches for the most part. I keep procrastinating this one for some reason! I will be posting these every few months to document my real-life manis and continue marking my untried polishes as "blogged"! It helps me when I want to thin the herd, haha. So these are the polishes I wore in November and December of 2015.
Loaded Lacquer Tiki Torched (untried). I can't remember if this was 2 or 3 coats, but I loved it!

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Tiki Torched with Love Angeline A Twinkle in my Eye (untried)- after a day or so I broke out my vinyls and added a little accent of this rose gold glitter. I loved it!

In November my town got our very own Ulta! Yippee! Before I was having to drive 25 whole minutes, and before those opened (all in the same year!) I had to go 45 min. I never wear orange but I had to to celebrate!

I wore OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-go? and All Sparkly and Gold.

Nicole by OPI Cinna-man of my Dreams is one of my favorite polishes, I wear it often!

I am planning a separate post later for this mani but I'm not sure when! This was my mani for when we went on our Disney Cruise- I tried out using Gelous as my topcoat and it lasted forever!!
OPI liquid sands-Magazine Cover Mouse (red), Solitare (white), Get your Number (blue), Honey Rider (gold) NOPI A-nise treat (black)

On to December!

Zoya Taylor is one of my favorite nudes!

This was one of the few Christmas mani's I did! I was sick for most of December and January so I didn't do much.

texture-NOPI Roughles- On What Grounds
glitter- Different Dimension Christmas at Tiffany's (untried)
white-OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
dots-OPI I Saw...U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw, and Gelato on my MindPipe Dream Polish cha-ching!
pinky- pipe dream polish cha-ching! and OPI I Can Teal You Like Me (teal colored jelly topcoat)

Here is another Christmas mani..... base-Zoya Aspen, red-Zoya Amal, gold-Zoya Sue, green-Zoya Honor, glitter-KB Shimmer Kringle all the Way

My actual Christmas mani-I think I had this on for over a week!
OPI Underneath the Mistletoe (not untried, but unmarked for some reason!) and My Favorite Ornament.

I added this when I wore Taylor ........ Zoya Taylor, gold-Zoya Tomoko, white-Zoya Purity, glitter-China Glaze Chillin with my Snowmies

NYE Mani: Zoya Aggie, chevrons of Bliss Polish Flashlight (blue-untried) and Pipe Dream Polish Champagne Kisses

What do yall think of this type of post? Its more for me than anyone, but I like reading this type of post from my favorite bloggers!

Monday, February 15, 2016

China Glaze House of Colour for Spring 2016

Hey guys! Today I have the House of Colour collection for spring from China Glaze! This collection has a good mix of different finishes and formulas, China Glaze is always really good about having variety in their collections! This collection is inspired by the fashion and music of the 70's. I feel like it's more summery than 70's-y but they are gorgeous anyway!

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun was the first one I swatched and it *killed* me to take it off, and in not even super into yellow nails! It's a bright but pastel yellow creme. The formula was a little tricky, thin but thick at the same time. I had a lot of pooling in my cuticles because it kept running down the wand. It took 3 coats and I took  more time than usual to dry between coats...I used that time to practice my clean up skills ;) I don't have any other yellows quite like this, it's very much worth the effort! Love! I also connect with the name of the polish on a very deep level #sunbunny

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Sorry I'm Latte is a milky coffee colored creme nude. Very work appropriate, this is 2 coats plus topcoat. 

Sorry I'm Latte

Don't Be Shallow is a dusty periwinkle blue crelly (jelly-creme hybrid). The formula was better than I expected, I only needed 2 coats  but a lot of people might need 3. I swear I'm trying to NOT always swatch the blues last so you can wear them but I keep doing it...what can I say? I'm a blue girl. Also...since I'm typing this days after swatching and still wearing it, I have to say the wear time is excellent! Usually jelly type polishes pop off in a day on me. Hooray!

Don't Be Shallow

Lets Chalk About it is like a white polish with one drop of pink. This creme only needed 2 coats to be opaque and surprisingly wasn't as streaky as I was expecting! This was another hard one to take off. 

Lets Chalk About It

Pink or Swim is a really opaque crelly-this barely needed a second coat! This is a really nice summery pink. 

Pink or Swim

About Layin Out....y'all. I was ready to hate this one. Despite it basically being named after me! I'm not much into coraly-pinks BUT this one was just this side of the neon pink/coral line for me to love it! Is it pink? Is it salmon? Is it coral? Is it neon? I don't know, but it screams summer and I'm on board with that. Really juicy with just 2 coats and topcoat. 

About Layin Out

In the Near Fuchsia is another crelly. 2 coats plus topcoat, super shiny! I do love a good purple-toned pink. 

In Near the Fuchsia

Come Rain or Shine has a nice pink shimmer going through it. I'll take a creme over a shimmer any day, despite this being blue it is just alright for me. 2 coats plus topcoat. 

Come Rain or Shine

Shut the Front Door! (Lol at that name!) Another shimmer, 2 coats plus topcoat. No issues with the formula on the shimmers.

Shut the Front Door!

Chrome is Where the Heart Is....a ONE COAT pink toned foil! If you stamp this would probably be great for that! I'm totally obsessed with using this for nail art...I've already used it twice. No topcoat here. 

Chrome is Where the Heart Is

Moonlight the Night is a blue, purple and iridescent glitter topper. It looks like it might be a blue jelly base in the bottle but it's not! Tricky tricky! This is one coat dabbed and blobbed over Shut the Front Door. 

Moonlight the Night

Glitter Me This is the second glitter topper and I much prefer this one!! It's pink, white and gold hexes of varying sizes. This is one coat dabbed and blobbed over Sorry I'm Latte. 

Glitter Me This

The matte fairy jumped on my shoulder and told me to matte this....so I did :)

Glitter Me This (matte)

These polishes are available now at Ulta and Sally! As always let me know if there's any comparisons you want to see!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zoya Whispers Transitional collection for Winter 2016

Hey guys! Today I have some more new Zoyas for you! For the past few years Zoya has been putting out these transitional collections, usually they are nude or berry toned neutrals. And I have loved them all! They went in a different direction this year with dusty pastel cremes. Let's get into it!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

NYC glitters Swatches and Review, and a little Life Update!

Hey guys! Today I have some fun glitters from NYC which is one of the first brands I started collecting when I got into nail polish! They retail for around $1.99 and come in a billion colors. Does it dry in an actual minute? No, not really, but you can't beat the range for the price! The also have a small but flat brush with a nice even edge. They prove that even drugstore brands can have a decent brush.....I'm looking at you, Sally Hansen.

A few words about my absence from blogging for those that don't follow me elsewhere...I had bronchitis for most of December and then the kids were out of school for the holidays, then as soon as they went back to school I came down with pneumonia! Just on one side but I've never had it before. I'm finally about over it but I'm still coughing a little-I'm SO. SICK. OF. COUGHING. Anyhow, I'm hoping to finally get back into my blogging schedule! This is not my job or a source of income for me, I do it in my free time (trying to get better about only doing it when I'm caught up on other stuff) so when I get sick or something else comes up it usually has to take a back seat.  Yes, I could do it at night but I choose to hang with my husband and watch "Caribbean Life" and when he's traveling and I have the 3 boys by myself I'm usually spent by the time they go to bed so I spend my evenings with a glass of wine and Netflix, haha. I do miss it and yall  though! I have several collections I received when I was sick so I'm finally tackling them in the order I got them :)