Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pipe Deam Polish: A Night in Vegas Collection: The cremes plus swatch art!

Hey guys! I have some fun swatches for you today! This is 7 of 11 polishes I won in a massive Instagram giveaway....I still can't believe it! These neons are so amazing, the formula is amazing and they need no white base. They dry matte like true neons, so I did use topcoat for all pics. I practiced "swatch art" and worked these in the the 2nd part of the 31 day challenge... you know the one that I totally quit after day 20 :( I will be doing more of them this month, but anyway!

I listed the polish names under the pics, and these polishes are all made by the lovely April right here in Tennessee! Her site is RIGHT HERE! These polishes are all 7 of the crèmes (there's also 4 glitters) from her "Night in Vegas" collection :)

Did I mention these polishes are amazing? Some of these pics are under my new lamps (because fall/winter here means days upon days of gray skies, so I'm experimenting with indoor lighting) and some are outside, some my nails are longer and some are shorter after I broke one way down-boo! Sorry for the inconsistency but that's life lately here! 

On the List

110 Degrees

Light of Day

High Roller

Happy Hour

This blue is my favorite. I mean, come on.

All In

VIP Pass

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