Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lush Mistletoe bath bomb inspired nail art

Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is chilling at home or with family and not stressing to much ;)

Today I have more information on the inspired nail art from the Lush Mistletoe bath bomb I posted about yesterday!

I chose Zoya Eden for the darker pink and  Zoya Wednesday for the darker green. The lighter green is Zoya Tiana and the lighter pink is Zoya Kitridge. I stamped with Eden and Wednesday, they worked pretty well!

Here's another look at my typical yet messy setup. I set out the bath bomb and comb though my polishes for matching colors.

I also have to try out each polish to find ones that stamp well since I don't have "stamping" polishes, and sometimes I have to pick out other colors that are more opaque.

The plates I used are Moyou festive collection 08 for the owls and hearts and Moyou Festive Collection 06 for the holly. I don't have a plate that has mistletoe on it, plus holly is cuter anyway!

I suppose I could give myself a little more room to work with if I cleared off my desk a little ;)

Here's another look at how it coordinates with the Mistletoe bath bomb. Some of my mani's match more that others ;)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Lush Mistletoe bath bomb

 Hello! I'm still working on going through all the content I have and getting it posted! These Lush posts are more work than a regular post because I have to produce the coordinating nail look, then get around to using the product and then posting about both here! I wish I could have gotten through it all before Christmas but I'm only one person with so much time! I will continue to post these as I get through them even after Christmas. AND, I have a few other items that aren't holiday-ish I want to review as well! I really like this little theme so I'm going to keep up with it until I get tired of it, haha.

Today I have the Mistletoe bath bomb, which is new this year.  On my nails is more of a holly design, which isn't exactly the same thing, but it will work! I thought some cute owls looking at each other lovingly would be a nice touch. I'll have more on that tomorrow.

The Mistletoe bath bomb is a really pretty combination of colors and it fun to watch. The scent is very jasmine-y which apparently I don't like very much. This bath bomb was a little to "musky" for me. 

It made gorgeous bright fuchsia patterns in the water!

The water was a really nice purpley pink shade.

All in all, this bath bomb would not be a repurchase for me, and I know know that anything with jasmine in it I probably wouldn't like. It is really pretty though and would be a great Christmas present for anyone in to jasmine or musky scents! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for all the details on this mani, you can always subscribe via Bloglovin (see the tab on the right!) so you don't miss anything and subscribe to my channel on You tube! ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lush Golden Wonder bath bomb plus inspired nail art

Hey guys! Today I have the Golden Wonder bath bomb from Lush. I got this one based off my in-person smell test at my local store before I made my online order. It has your typical combo of orange oil and lime oil with cognac oil. I think it's designed to smell like a cocktail but to me it comes across as a very typical Lush item smell..very clean and fresh.

This bath bomb is HUGE!! I don't know if it really translates in the picture but it's way bigger than the regular round bath bombs. It's also covered in lustre....which y'all know is not really my bag. I had a hard time figuring a way to hold if for the pictures and I kept getting it all over myself. It made me kind of dread the bath, even though it's so pretty and smells so good!

When you put it in the water it starts fizzing immediately and turns the water yellow. Luckily,  surprisingly bright turquoise bubbles come out quickly and start transforming the water.

Golden Wonder was really impressive to watch. I took a ton of pictures!

At the end there's little bits of brightly colored bits that look like confetti.

LOOK at that turquoise water! I fell in love!

The water didn't look too terribly sparkly until I decided to shine the light from my phone into the water. It looked like a galaxy of sparkle that was suspended in the water all the way down, not just floating on top. These pictures I took with the flash.

You can also see the tiny little paper stars floating on the top. They dissolve in the water eventually but really contribute to the galaxy look and feel!

I was quite covered in lustre when I got out, which I was expecting. This bath bomb is really beautiful and I would definitely recommend! I'm just a sucker for that turquoise colored water. 

The mani I did to coordinate with Golden Wonder isn't super special so I'm just adding that info in this post :)

I searched through my collection and found the perfect shimmery pale yellow, Zoya Piaf. It took 3 coats but it's worth it :) I used Zoya Purity  for the white stamping and Moyou Festive Collection 06 plate which I'm slowly getting more comfortable with. I still had a little wrinkling of the design like I mentioned before. My nails are super curvy also so maybe that's it?

I don't wear Piaf that often, it's an oldie I found in a clearance rack years ago. It really is beautiful though! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lush Peeping Santa inspired nail art

Hey guys! Today I have more on the mani I posted about yesterday inspired by the Lush Peeping Santa bubble bar. He's just so cute, it was a no brainer when I was searching for things to inspire nail art!

I started with Zoya Aphrodite (red), Purity (white), and Codie (brown) for my color pallet.

I used latex because you can't mess around with red-it loves to stain your cuticles!
My original idea was to use the candy cane striped image on the Moyou Festive collection 06 plate. I practiced several times on paper.....

Guys. I tried. Like, 3 times. It kept getting that fold/wrinkle in it! How infuriating! And in different places every time. Every time of repainting that nail, waiting to dry, the whole thing. Am I pressing too hard? My base layer not dry enough? Ugh, I finally gave up and just painted that nail red.

I went ahead with the other nail while I was waiting for the first one to dry and used nail vinyls to tape off the triangle. The little santa was pretty straight forward, I taped off the area I wanted to keep white and used a dotting tool for this and the polka dotted 3rd accent nail. 

These are the 2 stampers I use ( clear Pueen stamper  and  shorter Pueen clear stamper) I have been using the smaller one since I got it, but is is the stampers wrinkling my candy cane stripes? I need some advice, y'all. 

In the end, I was pretty happy with how this mani turned out. It was a frustrating process though!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lush Peeping Santa bubble bar

Hey guys! I'm back with another Lush's official, I'm not going to get through my holiday Lush stuff before Christmas! But that's ok, I guess. It was a self imposed deadline anyway. Today I have the Peeping Santa bubble bar....HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE GUY????  I mean, seriously. He has little eyes made of chocolate chips and sandwiched in the middle is shea butter to make your bath moisturizing. I have to say, the bubble bars that have bath melts built into them are by far my favorite so far.

Check back tomorrow for more on this mani! :)

Peeping Santa has a definite strawberry scent to it. Which isn't my favorite, but my kids love it! I am going to be trying some of these more moisturizing items on my son that has KP,  I think they will help. Look at the pink water! That was a nice surprise.

As with every Lush bubble bar I've used so far the amount of bubbles a tiny amount of the bar produces is crazy. Much more bubbles than liquid bubble bath!

Check the little was hard to cut up this little guy! I wound up using half of him for this bath. 

I don't think this is a product I would buy a ton of or stock up for the year, but he's cute enough that I'd buy another one next year! 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lush The Christmas Penguin bubble bar inspired nail art

Hello! Can y'all believe Christmas is in one week?? I never feel ready! Today I have a closer look at the Lush Christmas Penguin bubble bar inspired nail art! If you missed that post check it out here.

Anytime I need a blue I go straight for my OPIs because I have the most of them. OPI No Room for the Blues  was the best match!  I used OPI Tiffany case on my first finger, which is a sparkly blue textured polish, and Where did Suzi's man-go for the orange creme. Zoya Beatrix is the orange texture. 

To make the penguin nail I picked up the whole image and then used scotch tape to remove the part I didn't want. Then I did the same with the second color. I'm still practicing a looooot with my stamping before it actually goes on my nail. Passes the time waiting for it to dry!

Here is a look at the Moyou Enchanted 05 plate, isn't it just gorgeous??? I used the littler snowflake image on the left that matched the border on the penguin image on my ring finger. Well, it matched the one snowflake hanging over his head, close enough for me. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Lush The Christmas Penguin bubble bar

Hello! Today I have the Lush Christmas Penguin bubble bar! How cute is this little guy?!?!? I swear I saw somewhere that this little guy was inspired by the Little Penguins of Australia, which I have actually seen in person! I can't find that anywhere now :/ but we are just going to go with that! For those that don't know my husband is Australian and I made a trip over there with him before we were even engaged. We went down to Phillip Island with his sister and saw the Little Penguins. It's a whole process of learning about them and then making your way to the beach where they have a little set of bleachers. You sit and freeze your rear off until the sun goes down and then all the Little Penguins come out of the ocean and waddle up the beach with food to feed their babies in the nests in the dunes! You have to be super quiet and photographs are STRICTLY forbidden so you don't scare them. They were the Cutest. Thing. Ever. It was so worth it!!!

When I saw this bubble bar as part of the Lush line up I was certain I'd get it :)

I'll have a post in the matching nail art tomorrow :)

I used half the bubble bar and it made a ton of bubbles! It also surprisingly turned the water a light shade of blue! I combined it with the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, which I reviewed here, and which also makes the water blue, so it was a wonderful combination! 

The half I used contained the little beak, which was some sort of hard piece of candy? I don't know, it didn't want to dissolve so I just fished it out. 

Check out the video to see me painfully cutting the little guy in half ;)

It made the water a pretty shade of light blue *heart eyes*

The Christmas Penguin smells really fresh and clean, a lot like the Pop in the Bath bubble bar, which is probably why I liked it so much! The blue water is an added bonus! Definitely going to try to get more of this little guy-I need an army of Penguins in my bathroom so I feel safe :)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lush Shoot for the Stars bath bomb inspired nail art

Hey guys! Here is more on my Lush Shoot for the Stars Mani as promised! My mom has been visiting this week and I thought I'd still maintain my blog schedule but I wound up just taking the time off the hang with her! I've also (unrelated) lost my voice! I'd love any suggestions on how to cure laryngitis....vocal rest is not an option!!

The base color is my beloved OPI Ogre the Top Blue, which I vowed to steal from a friend until I found my own. Actually, I think I ordered it from Amazon! It's fairly hard to find now. The gold stamping is (obviously) OPI 50 Years of Style and a light coating of China Glaze Fairy Dust, of course!

I swear it matches more in real life than in this pic! If you missed my review of the amazing Shoot for the Stars bath bomb you can see it HERE

This is my typical process, I practice stamping *alot* before on my nails. I wasn't sure how well the gold would show up over the dark blue. 

For the individual stars I used the Pueen Double Fun 01 plate, which just came out recently! I also wound up taking my Pueen clear stamper head out of the holder. It hasn't been wanting to stay in there lately so I just took it out.  I did order this shorter stamper which seems to be holding in the head in a little better but not 100%.

This is the MoYou plate I used for the shooting star nail. The Moyou plates are so different from the Pueen...the designs are much greater in detail and  definitely still getting the hang of it! 

Here's another look at the whole Double Fun plate. It's meant for layering images with different colors. This plate has so much potential!! 

<a target="_blank" href="">PUEEN Nail Art Stamping Plate -Double Fun 01 - Layering Collection 125x65mm Unique Nailart Polish Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Kit - BH000724</a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />


I just love the way this looked in the sun but because it was so sparkly you kind of lose the design! Dang you, sparkles! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Lush Shoot for the Stars bath bomb

Hello! Today I have the super popular Shoot for the Stars bath bomb from Lush! This is a re-release holiday item, but it got a makeover this year. To me it's brand new!

Shoot for the Stars shares it's scent with Honey I Washed the Kids soap, which if you've never smelled its like honey/caramel/creme brulee/vanilla all wrapped in one. My kids and my husband swooned over the smell as soon as they came near it! Lots of sweet teeth in my family :)

I don't normally combine bubbles when I'm using a bath bomb for the first time, but I did this time. They are from the little Penguin bubble bar, review on him coming later this week. LOOK at the awesome royal  blue swirls in the water! Heart eyes!

Once the bath bomb dissolves, which it does fairly quickly, it pops out several little gold lustre filled bath melts which take their time melting into the water and BOY do they make your skin soft!

 LOOK at this amazing blue color! I. AM. IN. LOVE.

You can see more of the awesomeness in the video..... and please subscribe if you haven't already :)

Guys.......... I'm so torn on this bath bomb. On the one hand, the whole time I was in the tub I just could not get over how good it smelled. Surprising especially since I'm not into the sweet smells lately. And my skin was amazingly soft from the star melts. BUT when I got out I and my tub was covered in gold lustre. Y'all know I'm not a huge fan of that......but is it worth it? I think it might be! The smell is amazing, the water color is amazing (and didn't stain the tub), and my skin felt amazing. Is that worth dealing with looking like the glittery troll from the Trolls movie? Yup, I'm thinking so. Shoot for the Stars has made it onto my Boxing Day shopping list!

Here's a better look a the inspired mani, which will have its own post coming up tomorrow!