Wednesday, October 8, 2014

AGGIE WEEK Day 3, featuring Essie Angora Cardi and Argyle print!

Hey guys! For Day 3, I have one of my fav Essies, Angora Cardi. It's not as bright as the last 2, its more subtle and muted, and probably more work appropriate if you shy away from bright colors! The formula is good, not awesome, and it's super thick. Mine could actually stand to be thinned down a little. But it such a gorgeous color!

For the accent, I used a base of Essie Sand Tropez, which was one of the first nude-type colored polishes I ever owned, and I still love it! The white is just a Kiss brand White striper I picked up at a store! I've seen them everywhere by now. Check out the video for the tutorial...and try not to laugh too  much at my freehand skills!

indirect sunlight

click here for the video tutorial! Its longer! For some reason I'm not able to upload it here like before, it's not coming up on my list of videos to choose from. Grrr. Still learning! But it's a longer version at least!

Dusty shades like this plus such a fall print like argyle had me rushing to put a matte topcoat on it. I love it this way too!


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