Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hard Candy 20th Anniversary collection-my pics!

Hello! I have a fun one today! Hard Candy recently came out with a 20th Anniversary collection with 8 polishes in their original packaging and colors! 5 of the 8 were original colors, and 3 new colors in the same packaging. They even included the cute little rings on the bottles! By the time I got to Walmart and saw if they had these, there was only these 2 plus 2 others that I didn't like, so I wasn't going to buy them just for the sake of the blog! ( I do enough of that anyway, haha). The only other ones I want are Mint and Coconut! Still on the look out for those, although I'm sure they're long gone :( I was lucky enough that one of the ones I got was Sky, one of the originals! whoop! I'm a little tardy posting about these but you!


This is 2 coats of Sky. This was almost a one coater!  I even wrote "whoa!" I my notes, giggle! Amazing, most mint or light blue crèmes I have are 3 coaters. No topcoat!


the other one I grabbed was "Claws Up'" we are all suckers for nude polishes, right? This one has a slightly more than subtle shimmer running through it, the formula was no where near as opaque as Sky, this one took 3 coats. No topcoat. I'm not sure how this looks on my skin tone, it feels a little yellow to me? I makes my skin look super red, bleh. What do yall think?

Claws Up

I'm not sure if these are still available or not, your Walmart might still have some floating around! These were around $4-5, same price as the regular Hard Candy Polishes in the round bottles.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Face of Australia and Nail It! Australian brands reveiw

Hey guys! I have little mini-review for you today! I have these under the "purchased by me" tag but they were actually a gift from my sister in law in Australia! It me forever to get to them, shame on me! I love them so much (heart eyes)!

First up is a brand I've seen online but never owned until now! Its called Nail It! (giggle) and this minty (matte!) crème is called Sports girl. I didn't write down how many coats I used but I'm pretty sure it was 3! The formula was a bit tricky as with all matte crèmes, this is the only matte crème I have, the rest of the matte polishes I have are shimmery, etc! But who can resist a good mint nail polish?? NO ONE I say!

Nail It! "Sportsgirl"

I used the other polish she gave me, Face of Australia "Studio 54" to create a little gradient with a sponge! Its a really pretty coppery glitter topper. I added a coat of my OPI matte topcoat to keep it matte! What do yall think??

(I just re read through this post and I apologize for the over usage of the exclamation mark. Geez.)

FOA Studio 54

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Smokey Mountain Lacquers Winter 2015 collection Swatches and Review!

Hey guys! Today I have half of Smokey Mountain Lacquer's Winter 2015 collection for you! I only have one polish of her brand and I love it, so when Kim asked me to review these for her of course I said yes! These will be launching November 20th at 8pm EST so be sure to check out Smokey Mountain Lacquers to purchase! I'll put more information on the pricing at the end of this blog.

Smokey Mountain Lacquers Winter 2015 collection Swatches and Review by Aggies Do It Better

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Picture Polish Nail Art Quarterly: Round 2!

Hey guys! Today my blog is all about my design for Picture Polish's second nail art competition, Nail Art Quarterly! I was so excited to be chosen again because the theme "geometric" is waayyy more my style than the floral-themed last one! Here's what I came up with!

We were able to choose 3-5 shades out do our own collection (and only striping tape or straight nail vinyls) and I chose five of my favorites. Marine, Tiffany, Honeydew, Bonbon, and Chillax. All blues and greens! I also arranged them in sort of a lightest to darkest order to create a subtle ombre effect.  I hope you guys enjoy this progression of pics  I took as I went :)