Monday, October 27, 2014

Candy Corn Watermarble nails for Halloween

Happy Halloween week! I don't have as many mani's as I wanted as of right now for Halloween, I don't know if I will have one every day this week or not! I'm not much of a Halloween girl past the cute kids/cute costumes/candy. I'm a Christmas girl! Come on Santa!

Anyway, haha! This was one of the few on my list I have actually made a reality. I tried a few other ones and hated them :(  I'm super happy with the way it turned out!

The black is Zoya Dovima, the black matte of the new matte polishes, which I reviewed here

The watermarble is 3 colors:
white: Zoya Purity
orange: Nicole by OPI Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary (the ONLY true orange I have!)
yellow: Zoya Darcy

The pic below is the  matted watermarble look. I topped it first with Seche vite, then when it was dry I used the Zoya matte topcoat. I thought the matte more matched the chalky look of candy corn!

Here is what it looked like with the glossy coat.

here is a quick video of the watermarble! I could just watch watermarble videos all day!

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