Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today was a good day.

Today, Mama got a brand new bag.

So out of the box for me but I love it. And who cares if I have 2 boys, I'm carrying a pink bag. It will be my everyday/diaper bag. I'm trying to scale down the size of the bag I carry every day (my Mary Poppins bag).

Also, I whipped out the DEBIT (not credit, Dave would not approve) card and signed up for my Half-Marathon. This is a pic of the MEDAL I will get when I finish. It looks much better in person. And I will be wearing it EVERY day.

Also? I got a Facebook Comment by one of the authors of my FAV cupcake books! WHOOP!

These are from the second book. Here's a screenshot: You can barely see it down there, but it's there. He says ::ahem:: "Now that's dramatic. I love the presentation."


Validation of Work: Check.

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