Friday, August 27, 2010

A few quick updates...

Well, I got all excited about taking my critters to the Fire Department and now it seems like they are not taking any more :( I mean, that's good because they have so many, but now what do I do with mine? I have calls into the Police Department and a local Children's home and am waiting to hear back. Wish me luck!

Here's a little update on my sewing project--when I took it in I had to put it on his cover myself like a big nerd. The teacher came over and was all, did you make that? And I was like, yeah, it's not exactly perfect but I did it! and she was all oh....I can't sew. But I'm going to silently judge your crazy crooked sewing and wonder why you didn't get a professional to do it. Ok, well, maybe not that last part. I'm a little critical of myself sometimes! Then the teacher shoved it in the "Wall Of Nap Mats". I snapped a quick pic of it on my phone like a BIGGER nerd. I really wanted to get a pic of my cover on my mat but I didn't want her to think I was too crazy. See how it fits in perfectly with the rest now?

I'm also working on sketches for an upcoming 13th birthday party cake for the girl who lives across the street from us. It is supposed to be a surprise, although, I wonder if she is suspecting anything because she did watch the boys for me a couple times during my classes when Husband wasn't here, so she knows I "do that kind of thing", and her mom has been asking her a ton of questions about favorite colors, etc. :) I've been growing frustrated at the local craft stores not having a few specific things I need, so today we loaded up and drove 45 minutes two towns away to get one thing that costs $3. Because if I would have ordered it online, it would have been like $15 with shipping, and I may not have even gotten it in time! I did purchase a couple other inexpensive things while I was there, you know, to make it worth my while.

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