Tuesday, August 10, 2010

48 hours

Let's start at the top, shall we?
  • Sunday: Acquire and assemble #2's Big Boy Bed. All are excited. The deciding factor on doing this is his apparent readiness to potty train. Although, the thought of him not being contained in his crib makes the mama cringe a little. Ok, a lot. *See sidebar child description.
  • Sunday Night: First night attempt in the Big Boy Bed. Of course, he is out repeatedly. Immediately. The mama sits in room for HOUR AND A HALF. Then turns over to Dad for relief. Eventually #2 settles down after 2 hours. Deemed mildly successful. Seeing as how #1 put himself in the Big Boy Bed at this same age with NO battle, we are hopeful.
  • Monday Naptime: #2 gets out of bed repeatedly for 2 hours. Mama calls Time Of Death on naptime at 2 hours. Prepares stiff drink for evening ahead with #2's alter, THE CRANKY BEAST.
  • Monday afternoon: While bathing said children, notices mark on #1's "hind-parts". Looks suspiciously like a bug bite. Reminds me to check other mark seen on #1's inside leg that he was complaining of the day before, which also looked like a small mosquito bite/possible pinch mark from something. Sees this:
  • Of course, this is the first thing that ran through my brain. See how it looks very "bulls-eye-ish" ? And he was very tender on it. That's always what you hear to look for on bug bites and tick bites. Especially when you have worked in wooded areas and with exotic animals. Now, I've been bit by plenty of mosquitoes, but never a tick. Seen'em on dogs, but that's about it. The boys were running around in our badly-needed-to-be-mowed lawn on Friday, so you connect the dots.
  • A quick trip to Web-Md (bad idea) confirmed my suspicions. I called the pediatrician immediately. Mind you, it's now about 4:30 and our doc is 30 min away. I described to them what I saw and they said he might have an infection and need to be seen tonite.
  • Into the car we pile. Thank goodness I remembered to put the Jambalaya in the fridge that I barely got made thanks to the no-nappage. While my brain has 30 minutes to obsess over my kid having Lyme's disease and is there a cure for that and he's starting school that we've already paid for in 2 days and how #2 is so not gonna behave at the ped from the no-nappage when......
  • We get to the last stoplight by the doc's and I look in my rear-view mirror and see.....#2. Asleep. DAMMIT! How did I not notice how quiet the car was? So much for him going to bed easily after not having a nap. If this kid has a 30 second nap in the car then he is GOOD TO GO. ugh.
  • The doc assured me that this was not Lyme's Disease, since apparently it is very rare in the tics around here. He did say there's a (insert really long acronym here) syndrome where bug bites mimic the same symptoms. He prob has a staph or strep infection secondary to the bite, because also apparently his inguinal lymph nodes were swollen. A little antibiotic a'doo ya and you're fine! Easy for him to say. (he did also say that if it were Lyme's, then this med would kill that too. So I guess there is a cure. Good to know.)
  • So we make the trip back, get the meds filled, and head home. It's now 7 and we're all hungry and cranky. The boys barely eat, and off to bed we go. #2's so tired, surely he'll stay in his bed, right? WRONG.
  • After sitting in his room for about 30 minutes, I call a truce. We hadn't taken the crib apart yet, just in case. (it's quite the maze in their small room with 3 beds). Mama needs a break and some sleep. I really believe in following things through, esp with the little ones, but I give up. Tomorrow's another day. I transfer the mattress and child to crib and all are asleep in 5 minutes.


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  1. Oh hun, I am totally dreading the day when Brayden moves to a big boy bed. Hang in there. :(


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