Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Going Back to School!

I've gone back to school. Well, kind of.
I'd like to say that "you don't need math for this", but you kind of do!
I am taking a month-long cake decorating class at Michaels (craft store) from Wilton. It is 4 2-hour long classes, once a week for one month. They offer a basics class, a Fondant class, and a Flowers class. I'm doing the Fondant class first. And, we are doing some flowers in this class too.
I've wanted to take these classes FOREVER (well, since I started doing this) but you know, life just keeps on gettin' in the way. So I'm finally in a spot where I can. And I'm pumped.
This is from my first class. We rolled out fondant and cut it into strips with a really cool tool (I'll do a post on all the cool gadgets later) and then fold them into strips and "glue" the ends together with any number of liquids. The goal is to make enough loops for a bow. (Apparently, according to Wilton, the number is 14)

These are the "bases" for some flowers we will be making next week. The left one is the Rose base (the petals go around it), the center is Carnation, and the right one is for a Mum. These are made out of Gum Paste, which is alot like fondant, but dries hard like concrete and can be rolled out pretty thin. This is what most decorators use for flowers. I've never touched it before now, and so far I'm pretty impressed. I've dropped my carnation base more than once, and it didn't break! Now, these look pretty good so far, but I'm sure the buck stops there. Flowers are not my thing. This could get messy. (but, I did read through our syllabus and am quite excited at possibly being able to make these flowers. They look really cool in the pictures.)

After the loops are dry (well, mostly dry in this case) you start layering them in levels. The bottom row has like 7, middle 4, top 3. We put tissue in the loops to keep them from collapsing until it is totally dried out.
TA DAAAAAA!! Finished product. So pretty! Really appeals to my girlie side. And it looks preeeeeetty close to the one on the front of the book, no?

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  1. Soooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!! Enjoy those classes and keep the pics coming.


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