Saturday, August 14, 2010

Look Out Martha, I'm Coming for you (Part two)

Here's a pic of my workstation: My kid's little tykes table that is set up in my room for #1 to entertain himself when I need to be in there doing stuff. The table just to the right of that is my "Craft" table/area, which is clearly in need of some attention. It has never really been unpacked since we moved and this little project popped up out of nowhere. I was sitting in a grown-up sized chair, so at the end of the day, I had myself a pretty good little backache.

So, here is the finished product!

(sorry for the low light photos)

A pillow and pillowcase (which, yes, could be a little smaller but we may want to put a bigger pillow in it someday so I'm gonna leave it), Mat cover with velcro enclosure at bottom, and matching blankie.

Here's an extra picture of the velcro strips sewn on because I'm that proud of my self for it :)

The blanket

Domestic Goddess Status: Achieved!

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