Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sign, with big, red, flashing lights!

While spending the better part of this week trying to get completely unpacked (yes, I know it's been like 5 months since we've moved. I've been busy, ok?) I came across 2 boxes of stuffed animals. That's right, TWO BOXES. BIG ONES. Not to mention the humongous basket my boys have. Most of the ones in the boxes are ones I've had since childhood. I've always been a "packrat" and I get stupid emotional attachment to things. Those shows about "cleaning your house" where the people are in their driveway with all their belongings? Going through them and having a physically hard time letting go of the popsicle ornament they made in 4th grade? Yeah, that's me. I'll admit, I've gotten alot better about it over the years. I mean, there used to be THREE boxes. When you get married, your stuff doubles. But really, about 80% of the crap in the house was mine. And then when you have kids? forgeddaboudit.
Anyhoo, I am at a place where I'm ready to get rid of all of them. Well, maybe I'll save a few. I wanted to figure out something to do with them, instead of just throwing them out or giving them to Goodwill. I remember when my Husband worked at a Dallas radio station after Sept. 11. They had a "Teddy Bear Drive" and filled up an entire office (no joke, it was like 4ft deep when you opened the door) with stuffed animals and someone was going to drive them up to New York. That has always stayed with me.
So Tuesday, I posted on my Facebook if anyone knew where would take them. I got tons of good suggestions. I didn't think the children's hospital would take them, for sanitary reasons, and a quick trip online confirmed that. I can run them in the dryer (Thanks, Oprah!) to kill the dust mites, but I guess you can't exactly sterilize them! I also was told fire and police stations take them and give them to kids. BINGO. I looked up our local fire station on line for info and there wasn't any. Looks like I'm gonna have to call them. And then guess what? Wednesday night, my husband and I are enjoying an exciting night of Big Brother (don't judge), wine, and Macaroni-Grill-in-a-Bag. All of the sudden we hear sirens and see flashing lights go by our house. A firetruck turned down our culdesac! We ran outisde. Along comes an ambulance and another firetruck. They filled up the culdesac! It turned out to be a false alarm, the house 2 doors down from us had a CO sensor go off (that was apparently hooked up to the alarm system!) One of the firemen came up to the corner by our house to help the truck back out. All of the sudden I was like, Hey!! I'll ask him! Why not??? He's here! I shouted to him like a huge nerd "Could I ask you a question? You know, when you're done?" He obliged and came over. I asked him if they took stuffed animals. He said yes, they keep them on the trucks, and told me which station to take them.
My mind started racing. I'm gonna post on Facebook and my Mom's group and we are gonna flood that place with critters!! Little did I know, another Mom was posting right then about maybe having a meet-up at a Firestation! I mean what are the odds? I was seriously just about to do that. All these things are signs to me! This was meant to happen! I hope they're ready!!

p.s. I don't know WHAT is goin on with my spacing. Sorry this is just one big blurb :(

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