Monday, October 24, 2016

Annual Birthday Nails with Picture Polish Frosting

Hey guys! Today I have a little more info on the  nails I wore last weekend on my birthday! I have a little tradition of always wearing Picture Polish Frosting (now discontinued) on my birthday. Four years ago, I ordered it for myself as a birthday present and it was my first Picture Polish. Since then I always wear it, while still trying to change it up a little every year! I also juuuuuuust started stamping, like for real like 5 minutes ago. I ordered myself a few quality plates (*key*) and a clear stamper and just jumped right in with the big kids. So far, it's going really well!

I wore Frosting on my 2nd and 3rd finger as a base, and Cherish (also PP) on the rest. Then I stamped with New York (the lighter pink) and Bonkers (maroon) using the Pueen Nature Lover 01 plate. I found it not super complicated!

Here's a look at my past years manicures!

 In 2013, I wore just Frosting. Baby newbie nails! I wasn't posting nails yet on my blog yet :)

In 2014, I used striping tape and color blocked with Shocked and Shy Violet. 2014 Blog here!

In 2015, I opted for a mix and match with Bonkers and OPI It's Frosty Outside! 2015 Blog here!

I wonder what I will do next year?! I'm open to suggestions!! Does anyone else have a polish they save for special occasions and wear regularly on them??

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