Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016: purple ombré graveyard....sort of!

Today I have a not so non-traditional look....I've been wanting to try this purple ombré gradient look so many people do for Halloween for years! I decided this was the year to try it, and at the same time make it not-so-graveyardy.

For the ombré gradient I used Lucky Lucky Lavender, Funky Dunky (bottle shown) and Lincoln Park After Dark.

I took a couple quick pics of the process! I used white liquid latex to protect my fingers from the mess....I'm still not that great at gradients because I don't practice it enough! The latex definitely helps with the mess which really discouraged me from doing them in the past. 
I left it on while I was drying and waiting to stamp. I used This Gown Needs A Crown for the silver stamping. I wanted to use the OPI chrome but it just wasn't picking up! Frustrating! 

You can see all my little practices on the mat. I just sort of chose a few designs to go on top. 

I also used a little bit of Pirouette my Whistle (glitter topper) but it covered too much of my partial castle on my pinkie! Dangit! I used a much lighter hand on the rest of my nails. I also wanted to see what these looked like matte! 

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