Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lush Halloween Collection 2016: Monsters' Ball bath bomb review and matching mani!

Hey guys! Today I have another member of the Lush Halloween 2016 collection for you, Monsters' Ball bath bomb. I ordered this primarily because I knew it had so much nail art potential!! I mean, how cute is it! It reminds me of Sully from Monster's Inc. :)

On my nails, I chose OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and Can't Find My Czechbook to coordinate. I also used Black Onyx and Alpine snow for the dots and eyes, and the glitter is Muppets World Tour. I'm really absolutely terrible at free hand nail art, but I was pretty happy with how these turned out!

This bath bomb is part of the Calacas scent family, if you speak "Lush" (which I don't, but I'm working on it!) The main ingredients are Lime oil and Cocoa butter. Which you would think would make it smell more citrusy but to me it didn't. It does however smell really good. Its my favorite of the Halloween collection so far. I can't quite put my finger on what the scent reminds me of.

The "eye" of the monster is the cocoa butter, having a sort of integrated bath melt effect. It stayed intact during the whole process and didn't start melting until halfway through my bath!

Monsters' Ball spun and swirled around a ton, it reminded me a lot of the Twilight bath bomb, releasing lots of blue and pink. It was fun to watch!

It split open rather abruptly after about 2 minutes, into 2 halves and the "eye" off by itself.

Here's the eye starting to dissolve and do its thing. You can see the oil rings floating on top of the water. I did find this bath bomb to be more moisturizing than any I've used so far, I purposely didn't lotion myself up afterward (which I normally never skip) just to see if my skin dried out like it normally does. And it didn't, so yay!

Here's a quick video of Monsters' Ball in action, I did edit it a bit because it took so long to dissolve! It didn't sink either like the Pumpkin bath bomb did.

The water was a gorgeous dark periwinkle color, similar to Twilight but darker. And lots of nice foam stayed on the surface also. I did have a small  amount of staining from the purple bits around the edge, combined with the oil they really stuck on like glue. I have been able to get most of it off so far but not all of it yet.

 Over all,  I did really like this bath bomb. Did it oust Avobath from the number one spot? No. Would I buy it again? Yes. Will I buy a ton to stock up on a years worth of product until next year, if it comes out next year? No, probably not. But if a Lush giftcard fell in my lap in the next few weeks yeah, I'd get some more because it's just so CUTE!

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