Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween 2016: Textured candy corn look

Even when doing non traditional Halloween nails I can't escape the candy corn motif! This is my favorite color combo for Halloween. The little bit of Halloween decorations I have in my house are candy corn themed!

I used Zoya Purity for the white base, then stamped with Darcy (yellow) and Cam (Orange). I also tried out a textured gradient for the first time and it came out ok! I used Solange (yellow) and Beatrix (Orange). I also used a tiny bit of OPI Solitare for the white tip. 

I did try to take a few pics of the process...this by far not a tutorial! I'm the last one to me making a stamping tutorial....yet haha. I just blobb the colors around on the engraved image...

And then use the scraper to blend the colors as I scrape...

Basically I just practice a few times till I get a good image picked up. I've been having a problem with my new clear stamper not picking up very well... I figured out that it's because the jelly part is not staying in it's little recessed area, if that makes sense. It's slipping further  into the holder. I guess I need to put some tape or super glue in there to keep it where it need to be? Any one know what I'm talking about? So in the mean time I'm using the other little one with the pink handle that came in my kit. It's gonna have to do for now!

(Exhibit a)

In case you are wondering what mat I use... I bought a cheap baby placemat made out of silicone at Walmart like a year ago! I don't have one the fancy "nail" mats a lot of people have. I'm just starting to use it and it's working fine so far! 

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