Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2016: blue and purple spider motif

Today's non-traditional Halloween design features 3 of the new Zoya holiday collection! I'm waiting to swatch  them all until my nails grow a little-I had a crazy day on Monday and broke my pointer finger nail corner clean off! I haven't had a break like that in a while because I've been keeping them pretty short. But life happens! So that collection I hope to have up next week!

I chose Saint as my base color-it's a gorgeous periwinkle polish with a strong pink shift you can really see in the sun! Shimmers aren't my favorite but dang! The way it looks where the sun hits! Wow!
I used nail vinyls from Twinkled-T to make the slider web and spider. I used Zoya Alice to make the web-it's a periwinkle pixie dust! And the blue pixie is Waverly and OH HOLY CRAP is it awesome! I normally never out topcoat over my textures but I did here because I topcoated the rest. Dang yall, it's awesome! 

I am really happy with the way these came out! I was planning a web on my pinky too but I wasn't able to reuse my web vinyl and I only had I had to improvise! 

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