Friday, December 18, 2015

What I wore: August, September, October 2015 (Spam!)

Hey guys! I have another WAY over due post! I haven't been blogging as much over the past couple months (aside from swatching) because I've been busy with stuff around the house. And we recently joined our YMCA (finally!) so I've been taking some yoga classes trying everything possible to get my issues with my neck and shoulders worked out. I think....I know it will help me in the long run but I'm still in the beginning stages of everything hurting all the time always. ugh! So its another thing pulling me away from the computer. I have a new planner and I'm trying to work out a schedule of fitting in all the thing I want to be doing! First world problems, I know.

Back in August I was planning on doing a little end of the month summary of the polishes I've been wearing when I'm not swatching (still trying to use so many untrieds!) so I could document them here. Fast forward to December and I still haven't posted them here! Sooooo I just decided to combine them into one picture heavy blog, instead of 3 separate ones. Maybe I will be able to do one a month now, or maybe I'll just combine them every few months. Which idea do yall like better? I also made the pictures a little smaller since there's so many of them.

In August, I wore Essie Playdate. Certainly not an untried, I wore it lots before I started (nail)blogging! I was just searching for something to wear and my fingers landed on this. It's so pretty! I don't remember what my first Essie was but it might have been this one. A purple, go figure!

Essie Playdate

After a day I decided to add some accents with nail vinyls of Essie Cocktail Bling...which I think was an untried? I can't find it right seems to have disappeared :/ I do like the ease of nail vinyls but the lines are never as clean as striping tape!

One day I was just feeling RED...which never happens so I went with it! One of my favorite reds ever is OPI The Thrill of Brazil. Definitely not an untried!

OPI Thrill of Brazil
Another pic of Thrill under direct light. Still playing with my lighting and angles!

Onto to September....a new Ulta opened sort of near me and I used the gift certificate they handed out to grab some of the new OPI Venice collection! UGH I wanted this one so bad. I thought I had a picture of it alone but I guess I don't! This is Gelato on My Mind, 3 coats plus dots of Worth a Pretty Penne. This is the mani I wore to the Bahamas!

Here is Worth a Pretty Penne by itself, I used it as a base for some nail art. So pretty! 2 coats, I think? Also from the Venice collection.

Also one I randomly landed on and decided to wear over a weekend, OPI Peace Love and OPI from the San Francisco collection a couple years ago! Not an untried. I think this is 2 or 3 coats.

Essie Mint Candy Apple, 3 coats. Its almost dead on dupe for OPI Gelato on My Mind. Do I mind? Nope.

I was randomly at Walmart on day and saw Sinful Colors Sinful Shine in Prosecco. This one of those polishes that gets trendy for some reason for like, a month, and everyone goes nutso trying to find it, buying 10 of them, etc. This was maybeeeeeeeee a year ago? I feel like it was forever. I really never saw it around or I probably would have grabbed it because it's so cheap. But I finally did see it, and I grabbed it.....ya know....for the blog. My verdict? Its really beautiful, but sheer...I needed 3 or 4 coats to have enough coverage for me. Is it the be all end all? Nope. Is it worth the money? Yep!

My boo April of Pipe Dream Polish put out a couple Halloween-ish polishes, and this on spoke to me because it reminded me of My Favorite Polish Of All Time OPI Alcatraz Rocks, but in a crème. I grabbed it and was not disappointed! It's called Smouldering, and I'm not sure if it's available anymore. Sorry dudes! I lurve it though.

On to October.....I've been filing my nails down and trying to keep them short lately, one of those times I  felt like wearing something SUPER dark. OPI Roadhouse Blues is way darker in real life than it photographs! I feel like dark polish only looks good on super short nails.

I added OPI Matte topcoat and loved it equally!

This is Loaded Lacquer No Bra from Heather's Nude Jiggles Collection. Just a simple pale pink jelly polish! One of my favs. Def not untried.

On my birthday this year I wore what I call my birthday polish, Picture Polish Frosting, which was my first PP I bought for myself 3 years ago! I keep trying to find new ways to wear it. :) The maroon is Picture Polish Bonkers and the silver is OPI It's Frosty Outside

While I was waiting for the new Zoya mattes to get here I whipped up a quick mani of the old ones, Zoya Posh (red) and Loredana (gray)

And lastly! whew! When I was done swatching the new Zoya mattes I wore this little mix and match with the blue matte (Yves) and Dhalia (black pixiedust) I LOVED this mani!

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