Friday, August 8, 2014

OPI Mermaid Tears with glitter accent

Hey guys! I've been wearing these all week! This mani serves me 2 purposes. One, I looked forever for Mermaid Tears and I finally found it and still didn't wear it for months. That madness stops now! Also, the new OPI Nordic Collection is about to come out, and obviously I wanted alllll of them, then I narrowed it down to 6, then to 4. One of those is very similar to Mermaid Tears. A friend was posting some really awesome comparisons and I realized I have an extremely close cousin or a dupe for each of those 4. Oh the horror! I still probably would have gotten them, but I decided to put that money toward a more long-awaited and long-budgeted for purchase which I just made and I'll let you guys know when they get here! I also was looking for wearing something simple this week. I usually don't wear crèmes for very long because they chip on me after 2 days, but these have been going on 3 days as of last night (when I was typing this) so yay for that! Ok, maybe that's 3 reasons. On to the pics.

More pics and polishes used after the jump!


Polishes used, untried marked with * for The ADIB Project:

green: OPI Mermaid Tears*
silver accent nail: base of OPI Push and Shove (chrome) and 3 thin coats of OPI Muppets World Tour (glitter)*

I hope I stay strong and don't buy any of the Nordics! (or at least wait for clearance...winky face)
What doesn't help is that the 4 exact ones I was going to buy are in the mini set for the clearance...I'm going to make no promises there....winky face again.

Apologies for this being a little blurry, sometimes in sun super sparkley glitter really likes to freak cameras out. long are my nails now! gah!


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