Friday, August 15, 2014

Cobblestone mosaic look nails using homemade decals (and OPI My Private Jet!)

Hi! Happy Friday! Today I have another new-to-me technique using homemade polish decals. I did these for a music prompt on Instagram, click Read More to see more pics and why!


So the theme is supposed to be "music". I kind of went a little sideways with it! This is supposed to look like a cobblestone or garden rocks/mosaic kind of look. It doesn't look exactly like it was supposed to but I still like it! The brown holo polish is OPI My Private Jet, which is not technically an untried but I haven't worn it since I relaunched my blog! How gorgeous is it???? How is this not a DS??

So....Music=rock music=rocks=musicians=My Private Jet.  Not too much of a stretch??


Polishes used, all OPI:

brown- My Private Jet*
silver-This Gown Needs a Crown


The concept is pretty simple, you paint a little square of polish on a Ziploc bag ( I used the freezer kind because they are thicker and more sturdy). Wait for it to try, then add another coat of the same color and while it's still wet, blob on some different colors. As they spread they create little rock -looking things. Like my technical description? Haha! When it's all dry (I waited several days) you paint a basecoat on your nails, peel the decal off, place it on your nail, trim around, press down, and clean up as needed. That's about as much instruction as you'll get from me! Below are the rejects and the reason I didn't put them on every nail ;)

This was not as easy as I thought it would be!



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