Thursday, August 14, 2014

Glitter Placement flowers with Salon Perfect

Hey guys! So..... I bought 5 out of the 6 red/white/blue glitters Salon Perfect put out for July 4th....then I got so busy and went out of town and didn't get a chance to use them! So now it's my mission to find ways to use them year round...because isn't there a rule about kitchen gadgets that you shouldn't buy something that has only one use? Well...I don't exactly follow that rule ;) but I'm applying the same principal here!!

More pics after the jump!


The base color is Salon Perfect Baby Blues, which I've had for a while but have never used! For shame! The circle glitter is called Save Me a Spot, it was limited edition so it's probably  not available anymore...sorry! You could do the same with loose glitter though.


This was super easy guys! I just painted 2 coats of blue and then blobbed some of the glitter on an envelope, then used a dotting tool to pick up the ones I wanted. Topcoat then done! I kind of did this as an experiment, then I hated to take it off! I think I much prefer this type of flowers.

Many red glitters were sacrificed in the making of this mani ;)

thanks for the palate, Atmos.

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