Friday, August 29, 2014

Instagrammiversary earliest and very first work! (So Embarassing!!)

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday as promised but I was super busy and blogging is not at the top of my priority list most days! In fact for the next week I'm taking a little break. There are some things around here that need my attention and the past few weeks have been very nail-time-hogging! Just lots of things came down at once and lots of other nail-related things have taken a back seat so it's time to get caught up! :)

Anyhoo, below is a really cool snapshot from, a website where you can get all kinds of cool stats about your Instagram account! I love it!


I wanted to share a little about how I got started. I'll try  not to be too wordy! Two years ago the Mr. was traveling overseas and I found my self with some free time after the kids were in bed! I was decorating for Halloween at the time and had decided I like the candy-corn theme and colors the best. I was googling up "candy corn Halloween decorations" and Look what I came across...

Photo from
I mean. I was not a person who ever painted her nails. Like, ever. I had a few bottles of pink and dark pink, but I rarely used them. I got my nails done at a salon like once a year, or less, for special occasions. My career before being at home with my kids was not kind to my hands so what was the point? And then after having kids, who has time to just sit and not do or touch anything for an hour? (Soon after starting this I discovered fast drying topcoats which were the true game changer for me. I still mostly use Seche Vite. I discovered I could change a diaper if I had to like 5 minutes after applying it over my polish. Game. Changer. )

Anyway, I had no idea you could do anything like this. Wear more than one color on your nails? USE SCOTCH TAPE? Make a design? A HOLIDAY DESIGN??? Yall, I was hooked. I went the next day-seriously- to Target and found some orange (blech) , yellow and white polish and got to work! This is my very first time! I had to get this pic from an old FB album, I don't even have it anymore!

This is what I did on the rest of my nails. I used an old makeup brush and did my own French Mani! It looks terrible but DAMN yall I was proud of myself!

(clearly before I discovered cuticle care. And what is a nail shape? yikes)

gotta start somewhere

I ventured out a little...along with another trip to Target for more cheap colored polish) and made some Frankenstein and his bride nails. I was soo proud of these too! I actually have a recreation of them to be featured here soon! I'm holding some fun treats I made for my kids-dipped marshmallows :)

Frankie :)
The next guessed it. I was hooked. Another trip to Target for some maroon polish (I didn't have any before....I NEVER had dark nail polish...was not thought of to be respectable in my house haha!) I picked up a white striper at the dollar store....and about one in every other color. I don't have the original pics any more so you get another collage from my FB album!

first Aggie nails

Branching out more and more. The next week...I remember getting so pissed over the topcoat I was using smearing my designs I worked so hard on! We live and learn right??
first nail art
Finally, below is a little collage I made I will be posting on my IG account. This is a few of the recreations people have done over the past year. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to see these! It not only validates what I'm doing, which is still just a hobby for me!, but having someone tell me they've never done anything like this before and my design was something they liked or thought they could try, is so awesome! I hope they don't think it's weird but anytime I see these I take a screenshot and have been keeping them in a folder on my phone for this occasion :) My feed moves a bit quicker these days than it used to, so hopefully everyone will just share my hashtag #aggiesdoitbetter so I can still see them! Thank you so much guys!

Here are their usernames, go check them out!
first row: @melkinz @britfignails @maddi_williams1022
2nd row: @followinginmyshoes (her daughter!) @everythingvero @rachelalisonthings
3rd row: @lalalovenailart @luvmybabeez @scratch_art
This makes me so happy :)


  1. I think it is just amazing that you have come so far in 2 years of nail art! And the condition of your nails? How much improved!!! I have been at it for about as long and where near your talent! This was a really fun post to read. I just started following you this past spring on IG and then found the blog though your link. I do believe this is the first comment I have made! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you! I don't know why I'm just now seeing this! Keep it up-just changing up a couple things and practice make a huge difference! :)


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