Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tinkerbell nails for Disney's Tinkerbell Half Marathon

Hey guys! With the Tinkerbell Half Marathon this weekend at Disney Land, I really wanted to do Tink nails. I'm not running this race this year but I hope to in the next few years!

I knew exactly which polish to use too....Sweet on Pete from last year's Nicole by OPI Tinkerbell Collection! This is the exact color of Tink's dress (dress? outfit? onsie?) 

Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete
On top of SOP I added a layer of Color Club Femme Fatale (from the bargain bin at BBB, for 50c, holla!) and a layer of Revlon Heavenly. Guys, I really wanted to use Fairy Dust, I really did, but these other 2 just felt more iridescent like her wings. Kills me that I didn't use it though!

For the accent nail, I painted an outline of her wings with The Most Awesome Silver Ever, and then dabbed in more of Heavenly. I did add one of the little moons from Pixie Glitter, but you can't really see it!

The lineup: NOPI Pixie Glitter, Sweet on Pete, CC Femme Fatale, Revlon Heavenly, OPI This Gown Needs a Crown.

Good luck to everyone running! Can't wait to see the  medal!

Nicole by OPI Pixie Glitter

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