Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pink deco striped nails plus tutorial!

Hey guys! I have another tape tutorial for you. I would love to do these every week! I find it a super easy way to get cool geometric designs.

I started off with OPI Koala Berry. This is such a beautiful color! Its from the Australia collection waaaayyyy back, I have made it my mission to try to collect them all! If  I was a Barbie I'm pretty sure this is what my hands would look like.

OPI Koala Berry
After applying 2 coats of color and topcoat, start cutting your tape strips. Can you see how I try to line up the design on the scissors before cutting? I'm pretty particular  about that, but it's not a required step!

Here are the strips and the scissors I used.

Here's a simple pictorial collage tutorial for's the same method as last time. Just be sure your nails are SUPER dry!

Here's the final result. I don't usually add topcoat to textures, but this time I did. It really changed the color of the Pixie Dust I think!

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