Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grammys Nails plus bonus tutorial!

Hey guys! Here's another award show mani for you! I do love themes! I love award shows more for the red carpet special than the show itself!

Here's what I went with. The Grammys are much more edgy, with rock stars abound. I love how these came out!


Here's what I started with. I actually used these as my "studs" nails for the #nailartjan Instagram challenge. Little double dipping never hurt anyone, right? ;)
Start with 3 white nails and one black. I used my beloved OPI I Snow You Love Me glitter and placed them with a small dotting tool.

OPI I Snow You Love Me

After they are reeeeeaaaallllyyyy dry, tape off for your gold. I taped at a diagonal, one at a time. Tape, paint, peel, repeat.

Then, because I'm too impatient to wait several more hours to tape again, I used a black striper to draw the next set of diagonal lines, and filled in with black polish.

tape tutorial

These would be great for NYE I think too, yes?

direct sun

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