Saturday, January 25, 2014

BMW nails plus tutorial!

Hey guys!  Here's a fun and easy tape tutorial for you! BMW nails!


direct sun

Start with 3 black nails and 1 white nail. After your white  nail has dried for SEVERAL hours, cut your tape pieces. I usually use scotch tape for straight lines, but I thought I'd try painter's tape again. It doesn't matter what the pieces look like, they just need to have a right corner on them .

painter's tape strips

Tape the white nail so that the top right and the bottom left are covered (see pictorial below) and paint over with the blue. Remove the tape right away! I did find that I didn't get as clean of a line as I wanted, so I took a tiny brush dipped in polish and made the edges a little straighter.

Here's a quick little pictorial collage of the process!

And here's the lineup:
From L: SH Black out, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, Seche vite


direct sun


  1. Haha awesome - DH will love these! I wondered how I could better match the car when riding with him lol!

  2. Really, those of Nails are very amazing which is very exciting. I have liked those of BMW Neils. Hopefully, those nails colors and design everyone which is very amazing to me. i have liked all design.


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