Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fresh nails for the New Year with OPI Tickle my France-y and SilentStars Go By

After all the crazy designs of the holiday season it's nice to have a fresh, clean, simple look! You can do this with any neutral color! 
OPI Tickle My France-Y

After a couple days, though, you can change it up (and make it last longer if you get chips!) by adding some sparkly accents! I used a mini Liquid Sand that came in a gift pack. This color is called Silent Stars Go By, and I thought it was just perfect with this! 
For the chevrons I used zig-zag scissors to cut strips of scotch tape. Lay then down where you like on the nail, paint over, and remove quickly! Easy! I'm still really loving chevron and this is a really easy and not so flashy (read:work appropriate) way to quickly jazz up your nails. Bonus: textured polish wears like iron! Great for the tips of your nails!

with added Silent Stars Go By

Now we can all laugh at my giant hands trying to hold this tiny mini bottle! Ha!

>Giant hands<

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