Friday, January 17, 2014

Cupcake and sprinkles

Hey yall! Here's my "sweets" nails for the #nailartJan Instagram challenge. Yall, I was a serious loss for this one! I don't do cutesy stuff on my nails very often, and I went back and forth a million times on what to do. I decided on cupcakes, then realized I could use my bday polish Picture Polish Frosting! I really love how they came out!

Here's a pic in direct sun. I'm trying to get more shots in direct sun over shade, I just dislike how my skin tone looks! Hashtag nail polish problems, right.

direct sun

Here's the lineup: the PP is on the sheer side, so I usually use a light pink base to make her last longer.

from L: OPI Ridge Filler base, OPI Alpine Snow
Picture Polish Frosting, OPI Step Right Up!
OPI DS Opulence

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