Friday, January 24, 2014

Favs of 2013: OPI Alcatraz Rocks and Keeping Suzi at Bay. (Ocean Nails)

Hey guys! I've been back and forth about posting a "favorites" of last year, so here's what I landed on. I created a mani with my 2 absolute favs from last year (and of ALL TIME at the moment).

In my head, this was going to look like sideways lines of sparkly texturey goodness. The plan was to use my fan brush for the first time, and draw horizontal "fan brush" lines with the texture. As I was doing it, it just was not looking like it was supposed to! It wound up looking more like it was sponged on. After totally hating it for several minutes, then apologizing to my bottle of Alcatraz and telling her I could NEVER hate her, I decided to take some pics anyway.

And then I fell in love.

direct sun

To me, it looks like the ocean floor! I am a beach girl at heart and anything blue or ocean related goes straight to my core! *sigh*

Here's what I did. Start with a royal blue base.

OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay

I used my fan brush, but you could easily sponge this on and probably have the same effect. Some one try it and let me know! Dip the brush in and paint sideways.

fan brush

And then, just when I thought I couldn't love them more, I decided to add a layer of topcoat, just for kicks. LE SIGH!

with topcoat, shade

with topcoat, direct sun

I am stalking my stores like crazy for these to go on sale so I can get another bottle. Because I will be a sad sad lady when mine runs out!


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