Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013: OPI Goodies!

Hey Yall! Here is some of my Christmas goodies! I am on an undisclosed-length "no-buy" because of the mass amounts of polish that I aquired during the holidays!
As some of you may already know, my husband traveled to Australia in December for work and to visit family. On Qantas and many other international flights, they have a catalogue of gift-y type things you can purchase. These are ONLY available on these flights. The one time I traveled to Australia, about 10 years ago, I purchased a huge Clinique makeup compact thing, it was awesome with a huge mirror! Anyhoo, he saw this and sent me a text about it. It was reasonably priced for 4 full sized bottles, none of which I had already! Plus, the packaging, I mean, come on! Have any of yall ever seen this before????? Let me know in the comments!

OPI in the Sky from Qantas Airlines
from L: Tickle my France-y, Thrill of Brazill, Happy Anniversary, Step Right Up.

And they all fit in this little black cosmetic case, with a silver OPI charm on it. UM Love!

cute little charm on the case!

the back of the box. Look at all the languages!
ooooooo international!

The 2 liquid sands in the next picture I got a TJ Maxx, I believe they were $8 for both? Rounds out my Mariah sands collection (the first round, I had the blue and purple one) If you follow me on Instagram then you know I lurve me some textured polish....AS LONG AS IT'S SPARKLY. The other 2 were stocking stuffers. So happy! I have lots to keep me occupied over the next year!
from L: Stay the Night, The Impossible, Sleigh Ride For Two, Visions of Love

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