Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project Halloween, Day 3

Day 3 was spent sewing the front and back together. Now can hang it on a hangar! And it looks like an outfit! Yay!

Then I started adding the elastic. Oh, and I had to try it on the boy it's going on and measure how much to take up on the sleeves and legs. THAT was really cute. I wish I had gotten a pic. Then I sewed casings for the elastic and fed it through.

eeeee! It's sooo cute!!

Then I made the hood that goes with it. This is the part that needs the most work, since I have to create something to go on top of it that will "be" the thing that the costume represents. Plus, I have to add the detailing all over the costume. Making this jumpsuit is the easy part, I think. The detail will be the time consuming part. The part I don't have a pattern for.

(I cut off the top of the hood pic so you cant see what's up there!)

So, what's left? I have to add velcro to the hood, make the mittens and shoe covers, then start on the detailed stuff. I am undecided if I will completely finish the first one before starting the second one, or should I go right along and get the second jumpsuit done and do all the detailing together?? I dunno.

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