Thursday, September 16, 2010

Candy Corn Cupcakes

The other day, I had an idea. Wouldn't Candy Corn Frosting be awesome? I did a little research online and couldn't find anything about it. So, I opened up shop in my kitchen and did it myself! No one better steal this and become a millionaire! Anyone is welcome to try them just be sure you let people know where you saw it! :)

The cupcakes were pretty straight forward. Make white cake batter, divide into 3 parts, and tint 2 of them yellow and orange. I just spooned a little of each color into the paper cups. Next time I'll have to try something different to keep the layers of color straight in there. The top layer of white kind of sunk down in there.

When you bite in...magic!

(Pardon the pic, it was taken with my iPhone inbetween bites)

I used candy corn with some leftover homeade buttercream I already had "laying" around. It's pretty straightforward. Have buttercream, add candy. The end.

(seriously. who just has tubs of homeade icing all over the place? Me, that's who.)

Hmmmm, what other kinds of candy can I make cupcakes out of??


Like what you see? Any tips or advice? Lemme know!