Monday, September 27, 2010

Half-Marathon Training: 9 weeeks to go

Oh, yikes. Single digits now!

This past week, my training was supposed to be 2 27 min runs and 8 miles on Sat. I had to skip the Tuesday run (oh darn) because the Husband was out of town and #1 was out of school, so I had no way to get it done! We still have a single jogger, but we sold the double one. On Thursday, I was able to get my run in after dropping off #1 at school. It was kind of hot, and #2 is so heavy, it was not easy pushing him in the jogger even for just 27 minutes. Needless to say, I walked alot.

Saturday, I got up a the buttcrackofdawn again, and set out on my planned route taking me in a big loop around some surrounding neighborhoods. I printed out a small version of my map to bring with me, because I got a little lost last time. Just for the record, streets named Portway, Portview, and Portman should NOT be allowed to intersect. I mean really. And wouldn't you know, I got fricken' lost AGAIN this time! I mean, not lost as in "I have no idea where I am", just lost as in "this is not the street I'm supposed to be on." I'm so tired of streets changing their names from one end of the other! Jeez. If I was more organized, I'd drive my route the day before. But who has time for that! All this just to avoid making a billion laps in my little 1-mile-loop neighborhood.

Even after all that, I still made really good time. I've only run 8 miles once before, and I beat that time by 6 minutes. I think that's mostly because before I wasn't all the way recovered from my ankle issue.

And then guess what I got to do after my run??

Momma's got some new shoes!!

I finally got me some "Big Girl" running shoes. We drove to the nearest running store (about 45 min from here) and I had a friendly sales associate look at me walking and running, and do some wierd squats and stuff so he could look at my knees and arches,etc, and helped me find some shoes that will be good for me. I also got some arch supports and different socks to try that will hopefully help with all the blistering I've been having. I can't wait to try them out on Tuesday! They are Mizuno brand, not one I've heard of, but that' ok. I trust them! I also had to get a pouch thingy for my nike+ sensor since I don't have Nike+ shoes anymore. I also don't love the colors, but, I guess it's more important to have good shoes than pink shoes.


  1. My sister used Mizuno brand stuff when she played club/traveling volleyball and always had great luck with it. I think you are in good hands! :)


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