Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My OTHER new project...

Monday morning, I went to one of my favorite stores, Joann Fabric. If you've never been to one, stop what you are doing and go now. I'll wait.

Not only do they have the best selection of baking stuff of all the "craft" stores here, and it's very well lit and cheery, and the Ladies that work there are awesome, but they have everykind of sewing thing you could ever need. Usually I'm in there looking at baking stuff, but not this time. Boo. I had to get the fabric and other accoutrement that I need to make the boys Halloween costumes. I am going out on a limb and assuming I'll be able to do this. I mean, I can sew a pillowcase and a bag, how hard can it be? I've never sewn anything from a pattern before, but I remember seeing my mom do it alot when I was young. That counts, right? Also, to make things even more complicated, there's not an exact pattern for the costumes I want to make. Which means, I have to find something as similar as I can, and along with pictures from the internet, I have to wing it a little. Okay, alot. But, these costumes cost over $100 together, if you can find them, and I spent $48 on the fabric and all the other stuff. The fleece material was %50 off. (well, isn't it always?). Zippers, elastic, thread, velcro, and some other stuff I don't really know what it's for. The ladies at Joann are so helpful (have I mentioned how much I love that store?) and you would think they would be totally laughing at me as I was asking them to help me find everything I need, but they weren't. They were very reassuring! I think there's about 6 weeks or so until Halloween...I really should have gotten started on this 2 weeks ago, but honestly, I've been avoiding it a little! Now I have no excuse!

So, any guesses on what the costumes will be???

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  1. "Darlin', It's just good old Aggie engineering." I'm am married to an Aggie (91)...which makes me an Aggie by marriage. I hear Colby say this quote all the time.

    Gig 'em!


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