Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Halloween, Day 5 (IT'S DONE!)

Well, things are finally coming together. I can't show many pics of today's work, because it's all in the details!! Here's a sneak peak. I'm basically cutting out lots of pieces of contrasting material, then cutting them some more, and going crazy with the glue gun. I'm not sure if that will make the costume "non-machine-washable", but that's ok. I made the decision, after I got started with the glue gun, that I'm so not sewing a bajillion little pieces on!

Later on today, after making a run to get some more glue sticks, I was able to FINISH!! I glued the rest of the pieces on, and tacked on the thing that goes on top of the hood. There goes my resolve not to hand-sew anything. I was gonna use velcro, but it wouldn't get all sides. So I just stitched a little around the corners of it so it would stay down. A few other stitches here and there, and wah-la! Finito!

Since I beat my goal of having it done by the end of this weekend (the 2-week mark), maybe I'll take off until Monday to start the second costume. Maybe.

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